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someone help. whats wrong with me

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  • Posted By: lost-soul
  • March 25, 2008
  • 02:18 AM

I cant seem to get help from anyone anywhere and im desperate.
I was diagnosed with depression over 5 years ago, im not 19 years old and still have it, ive tried to commit suicide a number of times. Last year I got Glandular Fever and since then I seem to always get sick and feel really tiered to the point that I have to go to bed and sleep. I often get abdominal pain feel nauseous and very sore around my liver. I have anxiety and sometimes freak out and feel panicky and scared. I get extreme feelings of uselessness and like life is not worth living. I really need help, I used to be bubbly and full of energy even previously with depression just had my off days but now I never feel like that, I never feel truly happy.

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  • Dear lost soul, I know what you're going through at least the depression part. I'm not sure if your other health issues are related I would for sure try to find that out, but if it's the depression your dealing with have you tried any of the older anti-depressants- The MAOI ones? If not it is really worth looking into. I too have chronic depression (luckly it's managed now) - I was hospitalized 13 times in a mental hospital within a 1- 1 1/2 year period. They tried every thing I even had 13 ECT treatments ( Electro convulsive Therpy) nothing seemed to work - then they put me on Parnate which is an MAOI . It worked a mircle I now live a normal life free of depression symptoms. Don't get me wrong MAOI's are a pain in the butt to take because they have so many interactions with other meds and some foods. But I almost lost my husband and 2 elementary aged kids, I think the hassle is worth it to have my life back. Doctors rarely prescrib these because they are old and a hassle but if you think it might help I 'd ask about them maybe even demand them if you have to.God Bless you ,Blw
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  • I know exactly what you have been thru - I too had depression then went into major depression following an infection (what you call glandular fever) What is interesting is that depression will be more pronounced following an infectious situation. This could be caused by the HPA axis in which cortisol is increased, the link being that cortisol is increased w/ an immune system reaction and increased cortisol causes depression. (would also cause sleep/wake cycle distrubances, and/or manic type of behaviors). I think that you are dealing with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). I too developed RUQ (right upper quandrant) pain w/ severe fatigue, depression, joint and muscle pain, disturbances in sleep patterns, sleep quality, brain fog, quality of life etc. with severe panic and panic attacks (anxiety) generally these are symptomatic of an infectious disease that your body cannot overcome. The adrenals are very involved in responding to this situation and with adrenal problems you get all kind of other issues like mood swings, sugar disturbances, sex drive issues, blood pressure etc. I would suggest you use wrong diagnosis or a search engine and start with right upper quadrant pain. This pain is emanating from the transverse colon, liver, gallbladder, or small intestine. I am thinking that parasites (fluke, protozoa, microsporidia or helminth) or a rogue bacteria is causing some of these issues. Do you have a sore throat or muscle & joint pain? Brain fog? Memory loss? Sore lymph glands?
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  • Please consider trying acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help with your depression. This can be so helpful and will also help get your liver back in balance. (depression according to Traditional Chinese Medicine is due to a liver inbalance). I have treated many patients for depression and often it is the only thing that has helped them. It is also brilliant for CFS and fibro symptoms. Visit www.acufinder.com or www.nccaom.org to find out more and to find a qualified NCCAOM certified practitioner near you. Best wishesDOM
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