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Somebody anybody give me a clue...

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 15, 2010
  • 09:51 AM

my boyfriend/father of my child suffers from drug abuse, mood swings (HAPPY, SAD, LAZY, SCARED, VIOLENT, CONFUSED, SWEET AND PARANOID) has a very hard time telling the difference from fiction and reality, his thoughts are so rapid and all over the place at times, when he becomes abusive he tends to blank out and only remember bit and pieces of what happened, his eyes get glossy and the pupils becomes very dilated with an empty stare like hes in a zone and cant stop or control himself, yes i know alot of what i am putting sounds just like everyday drug use problems but PLEASE TRUST ME he has been sober and nothing changes other then he can semi control his emotions well he can hide his emotions and rapid thoughts but i could still notice when he was in a different mood and i ALWAYS knew when he was in a DARK EVIL VIOLENT state of mind because his pupils when he was sober still did the same thing and got HUGE but when he was sober and this would happen he would get real sleepy and go to bed for hours. Now hes useing speed again so when this VIOLENT mood swing pops up he is unable to fall asleep so now he acts out with abuse towards me. I recently had to have him put in jail because of it, but he needs help if he is going to get better i just want to know what this might be so i can talk to him about it because he wont just go to a docter he doesnt want to be told something is wrong with him, but its only getting worse and so is his drug use. he has been threw alot growing up, his older brother (19yrs old) shot and killed himself infront of him (boyfriend was 12yrs old) nobody ever got him help or had him speak with anybody about what had happen, his mother & father were drunks and would both abuse eachother, he is the youngest of all the children and till this day the least thought of, he droped out of school at grade 11 but he only made it threw 7th-11th grade due to him being in sports and good at it back then the schools would change his grades to make him pass to keep him in all games, his actual leavel of education is only up to 6th grade... I spoke with some people in his family about my worries and they have said they noticed little odd things about him growing up to like him being very distant, shut off at times, shy, spaced out and no sense of humor as a child/teen even befor his brother killed himself.... PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU MIGHT KNOW WHAT IS WRONG? THANK YOU TO ALL WHO TOOK TIME TO READ THIS....:confused:

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