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Removal of diagnosis from Medical Records

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 26, 2010
  • 05:54 PM

2 and a half years ago I became extremely stressed out, suffering flashbacks which took me back to a time as a young adult, when I lived at my mother's house.

My mother is a nurse and her partner a GP, they are strong advocates of mental health services. My sister became mentally unwell in some way and I think due to my mother's intervention, saw a shrink. Six years later I found out she had either been diagnosed with Bi Polar Disorder or Borderline PD. Living in the house at that time was a nightmare for various reasons which I won't go into, but amongst other things I bore the brunt of violence from my mother & sister which they said I had initiated. I didn't get any advice from my mother or her partner as to how to deal with my sister, other than to do exactly what she wanted which was often ridiculously unreasonable, such as tidying up the extremely messy house after my sister's regular parties with her friends. My mother lived separately with her partner and when I tried to question this with them, often I was angry with the situation, they would say I needed to see a psychiatrist.

Moving five years on I reluctantly let them back into my life, and after another cynical display of inhumanity from my mother I started to flashback. I'd never experienced stress like it. From the moment I woke up to when I eventually fell asleep on a night these memories would flood back. It's now clear to me that these are symptoms of PTSD.

I had no other option other than to contact my GP surgery, where initally I spoke to the management team because I wanted to ask for advice to see what if anything, I could do about the situation. I was referred to the GP who said I should see a psychiatrist who would be able to guide me in the right direction.

Going in thinking I was going to just receive some advice, it was a huge shock when I was diagnosed with paranoid psychosis, on the basis of an appointment which lasted about an hour.

This was two and a half years ago and in that time I have done everything I can to dispute this and get this removed from my record, but my complaints were pretty much binned, even the written ones, until this year when I finally received a written response which was a total pack of lies.

Amongst the concerns that I raised were that the shrink managed to lose the written report in the post for six weeks because she had failed to address the document correctly. On top of that she also spelt my name wrong and my address wrong, as well as the GP practice. In terms of her initial impression of me, she stated in the report that I had mainly worked in warehouses but at the time of our meeting I had not worked in a warehouse for 11-12 years and had in fact been self employed and running a business for 5 years.

Given that there has been such fundamental and basic errors made by the shrink in her report I would have thought that it would be easy to dispute her findings and get the information removed but this still remains on my record now. I am now on my third GP practice but they all seem to be unconcerned with these basic errors.

I wondered if anybody had any experience on the legality of the NHS retaining records when fundamental and easily checkable mistakes have been made?

I have not been offered a second opinion at any time by the NHS, although I probably wouldn't take it given the experiences I had.

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