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pysical pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 5, 2007
  • 07:08 PM

hi all, i am 23 yrs old male,

i don't know whats wrong with me, i have a sciatica leg pain, its a burning sensation at the back of my thigh and goes down to the side of the foot. Is this related to depression? There is depression history in my family.

This leg pain start in middle of year 2006 till now, I have gone to physiotherapy but it does not works. I have tried exercise but still no effect, the pain will go sometime and come back when i walk, or stand too long,

I am also a self-conscious person, and feel a little discomfort around people, not every time, is this stress in my body that leaves the pain in my leg - like sciatica pain? I also will get stomach discomfort when i am around people - some times, is this stress that related to physical leg pain i am having?

But when i sit on my back and lift my leg, like doing hamstring stretch, i am able to do full lift of my left leg but when i do with my right leg, i am not able to lift it comfortably and feel burning sensation and i stop, is this a nerve touching my bone and causing this, can anyone help me?

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  • Ok mine is not a medical opinion. Sciatica can indeed be related to discomfort around people. We often assume that society expects of us to present in certain ways, but this is mostly in our heads. Others don't really care. Tell yourself that if they expect something they will have to spell it out, not merely insinuate it. Totally stop living up to others. So long as you don't break the law, live on your own terms. You may be picking up others' issues psychically, so do protect yourself, by not being so keen to please. You have as much right to be here as they have. Just decide that anything is better than being awkward. So what if you're not perfectly socialized in some respects? Make your peace with it and relax. Then others will relate much better with you as well. Depression and these types of physical pains are also associated with a strong Saturn influence in your astrology birth chart. It may be the nerve is actually pinched in your spine, but you feel it in the leg. The bones and spine represent our support in life. So, try not to worry about the future. Learn to live more for the moment, then see what happens.
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  • It may be Vitamin B12 deficiency. Please www.google.com for: Could It Be B12? An Epidemic Of Misdiagnosis - there are references to these forums as well (the writer of the book herself). It can lead to all your symptoms.
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  • Consider acupuncture. I had severe sciatic pain over 12 years ago, and decided to try acupuncture - two treatments later the pain was completely GONE. And haven't had any problems since. It was such a life changing event I decided that I wanted to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and now I am a certified acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine practitioner. Acupuncture treats sciatica so effectively because it is able to get deep in the glutes and reach the area of the nerve, releasing stuck Qi. Please look into this. It is also very helpful for depression/anxiety/stress. Best wishesDOM
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  • You gave absolutely no reason in your initial post to indicate why this physical pain would be mentally caused. You think your leg hurts because there is Depression in your family tree? Uh ... oh boy ... I think you have a poor understanding of psychology. I am sure there are some theories that would agree with you but those theories are from the 1800s. This is hilarious. The forum is full of people with physical problems with physical causes who've been told by doctors that its all in their head, and here you come along telling yourself the same thing. Its like you've become your own clueless, dismissive doctor. Aside from MAYBE your discomfort around people making you too tense, I doubt the pain could be caused by any mental condition. As for depression, I'd be depressed too if my leg hurt and I was uncomfy around people. I think depression in a result of other problems, not a cause of them, in your case. I agree that acupuncture could probably help you also, its a lot more promising than seeking mental health treatment for leg pain.
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