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Psychosis - have you been there before?

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  • Posted By: loving
  • December 8, 2009
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I really don't know from where to start, so please bear with me and help me please. Thank you so much in advance.

My husband has had a terribly traumatic and stressful year, which lead him to an experience he had that made the glass overflow... In August he thought he was exposed to a fatal disease and ever since he's been worrying and going crazy that he has it. He's done all kinds of tests and everything turns out well but he keeps believing he has a disease. He keeps finding things on his body that are perfectly normal (like dry skin, morning white tongue, etc.), but he thinks the are "symptoms" of the disease. He's been to all kinds of doctors and they all say he is in perfect physical health.

Nothing can convince him that he is well, though. He acts like he has lost his mind. He is firmly convinced that the problem is not in his mind but his body. We finally managed to drag him to a psychiatrist and he was diagnosed with psychosis. He was given meds but things are still the same... I hate him being on meds and I hate this for him... my heart just breaks despite how he hurt me...

I just wanted to see whether anyone has been through an experience like that and get all the input I can. I am willing to share more details if needed. Please write back. I need help, support, advice, encouragement, anything you can offer. Thank you!

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  • Does your husband also have any of these symptoms: recurrent sore throat, chronic congested nose or sinusitis, a mild pressure feeling in the head or behinds the eyes (or in his sinuses), fine wrinkles on the skin, sudden onset of a receding gums line, weak legs, fatigue or tendency to fall asleep more, anxiety, stomach aches and/or bowel rumbling, pins and needles all over the body?If so he may well have caught the same virus that I caught. I had myself severe mental state changes after catching this respiratory virus - changes that were close to psychosis on many days. These lasted for years.I have detailed my experience here, on my blog: http://chronicsorethroat.wordpress.com/So your husband may actually be right. There are in fact many microbes that can cause significant mental state changes. A common one is toxoplasmosis, caught from cat litter, which can cause psychosis. Fortunately this one is treatable.Normally the primary care medical profession does not worry about the underlying causes of disease, just disease classification, so unfortunately your husband will get little joy in trying to convince your doctors that his condition is caused by a microbe. But a good infectious disease expert may be able to help, as they know full well that underlying microbial infection can cause powerful changes in mental state.If you go to a psychiatrist, they will just give you pills, which does not get to the bottom of the problem. Psychiatrists have little or no expertise in microbial causes of mental ill health (even though microbes probably cause the majority of mental state changes); psychiatrist generally know very little about infectious diseases.However, most leading edge medical researchers these days are increasingly aware that a vast majority of diseases, both mental and physical, are caused by viral, bacterial or parasitic infection, from Alzheimer's to multiple sclerosis to chronic fatigue syndrome to obsessive compulsive disorder. It is just that your regular doctor is not equipped to consider or treat these deeper causes of disease. Maybe in one hundred years from now they will be.In my case, I managed to find certain dietary supplements that pretty much eliminated my anxiety - anxiety which bordered on psychosis on many days, so that nowadays my mental state is fine.Hip
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    • December 17, 2009
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  • Why don't you try some general antiviral and anti-bacterial supplements, and see if this improves his condition.I can recommend say MSM powder 10 grams daily, plus bovine colostrum 10 - 15 grams daily. Take these in two divided doses, twice a day.If his mental and physical symptoms improve after a few weeks, then perhaps there is an underlying infectious condition. At the very least, doing this for your husband will create some trust and rapport, since you at least are listening to what he is saying.OK, he may be vastly exaggerating in saying that he has a "fatal" disease - this is unlikely - but it certainly sounds like he has caught some bug. You will find other antiviral treatment suggestions on this page:http://chronicsorethroat.wordpress.com/site-map/chronic-fatigue-syndrome-research-chronic-fatigue-syndrome/
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    • December 18, 2009
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