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please help me immediately:(

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 18, 2009
  • 10:54 AM

my mom was diagnosed with schizophrenia when i was 11.she behaves violent and talks continuously during her ill"spans" which lasts for 15 or 20 days.in order to avoid being depressed i think(imagine) that i live a happy life with some untrue characters.even when i watch any thrilling movies in tv i imagine that i was there in that movie playing a central role.but i had some self control that i need to think like this only for a few min and later i returned back to my regular works.inspite of all those hectic moments with my mom i was very good in my academics.all of a sudden when i was 15 i began to loose my self control and started to live in a fantasy world and think of things that would never happen.at 16 when i was preparing for my exams i suddenly felt that something was telling me "if i read this line 5 times only i will pass in this exam ".even like,if i think of a particular person's face in my mind i would get more marks.Due to all these imaginations my thoughts began to deviate when i was studying.it as really painful for me and in order to come out of this stress i began to imagine like 'i got very good marks and was the center of attraction in my class'.slowly my imaginations grew and now i'm just living in a fantasy world with some unreal characters.i perform some actions repeatedly because something tells me that if i dont do like that then my thoughts would be read by others.I'm 19 now and recently whatever interesting i see o hear i just relate it to myself and imagine things.and i'm not able to concentrate in a particular thought for more than a few minutes.immediately another thought rushes in my mind and all these things happen parllely in my mind.i have just lost my concentration and interest in everything and i'm just attending college for the sake of my parents.i feel very dejected if someone doesnt respond to me properly and immediately if something good happens i get excited(mood changes).i am imagining some conversations with my classmates and think that i have contacts with some great presonalities.when i said that i'm unable to concentrate in my studies to my parents they arent believing me and tell that due to interest in tv only i'm not studying nowadays."i'm always talking to some imaginary persons IN MY OWN WORLD".feel suicidal at many times.cannot come to this real world.I cant tell all this to my dad since he is already worried about my mother's condition.doctors say that schizophrenia is due to hereditary.so i'm afraid whether it has inherited to me also.earlier i had some self control by now i'm just out of my control.i get more and more addicted to these imaginations as my mom is still now having her ill "spans" because she refuses to take her medicines.I FEEL LIKE MY LIFE ITSELF HAS ENDED so please give me a suggestion immediately.Please

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  • My suggestion is to talk to someone. One on one. Hard to talk to parents sometimes i understand. Start with a school counselor or make an appt to see the doc. Explain all your thoughts, feelings, concerns just like you have done here. Your doc can refer you to a therapist. They are unbiased and will listen to everything you say and not judge you. Dont give up. Things will get better. You can have a happy and fulfilling life.
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  • I would also add you should look to talk to someone. Perhaps just a chat with your doctor will help. What I'm writing next is something to think about but should not be read as an alternative to having that chat with your doctor. Everyones mind wonders into fanatasy numerous times a day by that I mean today I have been dreaming of telling my friend at work about how Lee Scratch Perry has died and how I was at a life defining gig of his back in the uni days. I'm listening to his music now and I have never been to a gig of his and guess what, you have already worked it out, yes he is not dead. I smile at myself because I realise this is just a fanatasy to make myself feel happy, important or sexy or whatever even though I can tell the difference between what is real and what isn't. It is the fact that we have the ability to tell the difference that makes fanatasy so special, otherwise it would be reality and that would be boring. I much rather fanataise about being on the moon that actually be on the moon. In that heavy spacesuit for only 10 min before my air runs out and I have to return, when I can only explore a small area and not pick up any heavy rocks. You used to use your fanatasies to make yourself feel happy, sounds like a good idea to me, remember the power only works because you now realise it is not real and totally under your control. Happy happy happy. If you start fanatsing about depressing subjects STOP. By that I mean think about something else, does not matter what just that its SOMETHING ELSE. Practice this time and time again everytime you start down a depressing thought STOP and think about SOMETHING ELSE. How quick can you do this? Can you do it whilst watching tv or listening to music? How about talking or doing study? How good are you at changing your thoughts onto a happy subject? Are you as good as me? Probably not, but I've been practicing 4 years or maybe your a natural. Who knows, let me know if you like. I'm certain any problem we encounter will only serve to eventually makes us stronger. Start practicing today because tomorrow is only around the corner and its a bright and beautiful day; your doctor will tell you more. Good luck !!! :)
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  • I don't know if you have taken any steps yet, but I do agree you should see a doctor. I also believe that you must keep looking up. It is important to never give up on this life. Life is a gift, please cherish yours. Along with what the others suggested, which I think is wise advice, I believe there is one important thing to consider. You are made by God in His image. God has a purpose for you and He made you for a reason. I understand that sometimes we feel broken, but if you are imperfect, which all of us are, that is for a purpose also. We all have something to contribute. God loves you. He wants a relationship with you, not in a fantasy or imaginary way, but in a real way. If you have a Bible, pick it up and read it. If you have a good Bible believing church in your area, call the pastor of that church and ask to see Him. Seeing the doctor is wise because if there is something wrong physically with you, you need that addressed, but doctors are not trained if there is something wrong spiritually. I have never been where you are, so I cannot tell you that I know how you feel. What I can tell you, is that there is hope, and you can find it in the person of ***********t
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    • August 18, 2009
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