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Personality disorder or eating disorder

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  • Posted By: little_faith
  • September 16, 2010
  • 00:10 AM

I've struggled with bulimia for almost ten years. Most of my struggle has been secretive. My weight has fluctuated over the years to the tune of nearly 100 pounds. Bulimia for me has been like an ebb and flow. Sometimes it could last for months at a time and I feel like I have no control. I can't carry cash or a bank card b/c I spend hundreds of dollars a day on food. Then there are times when it seems like I have my bulimia under my thumb. I control what I eat and I work out mercilessly to the point that my roommate called my mom and begged her to do something because she was afraid for me. After having this go on for years my mother and I came to the decision that it was time for me to see someone. That happened today. One of the worst experiences of my life. The doctor I saw insinuated that I was being manipulative and said, "Nothing you've told me points to bulimia. You don't even stick your fingers down your throat. I think you should Google bulimia." He said that he thought I had a personality disorder. He came to this conclusion after talking to me for less than half an hour and he literally only asked one question about my bulimia. So my question is: am I bulimic or do I have a personality disorder? If so what personality disorder could I have?

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  • Wow.. what a BAD DOCTOR. You yourself know you arent manipulating so dont pay anything he told you any attention. He's go you all wrong. I myself do have personality disorder in which eatting issues can also be an issue. Thing is I dont go into my eatting issues to manipulate... but due to some who do with the issue I have... my eatting issues werent paid any attention to at all. (I do the same as you with my eatting). I was being very very strict on food control due to it helped me feel like something then in my life was in control.. as everything was so out of control. When im not being strict.. when im under any stress I binge... its shocking.. Im nearly ate a WHOLE chicken in a binge to all my friends discust. (i was so embarrassed, i sat away from large group of aquantiences and freinds to eat it. I just had to have that chicken thou, no self control). Your eatting issues could be something like what i have due to a personality disorder i have (which causes me emotional dysregulation so i try to do all kinds of things to be emotionally okay including turning to comfort food (note.. comfort eatting isnt uncommon in the general population at all).. but i think its best not to have that label put onto you if it is the case as so many doctors are malinformed and think we have food issues to manipulate and draw attention to ourselves. note... personality disorders are extremely hard to treat anyway so even if you did have one, knowing that may not help at all and as i said, may bring a lot of negativity your way from medical people. Instead.. i suggest to see if you can have some counselling for your food issues and the reasons why you do it. As to what personality disorder the doctor thought you had.. he was probably thinking borderline personality disorder. Unfortunatly so many think BPD people are highly manipulate. Food issues actually are included in helping to gain a diagnoses. Just stay away from that doctor, he's the last person you need to be turning too and he will highly damage your self esteem which rather you probably need to build. You dont need to be belittled etc.
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    • September 16, 2010
    • 05:21 AM
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