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(part 2) this is as long as a story as i go into much detail

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  • Posted By: briggs09
  • January 11, 2009
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i just felt INCREDIBLY scared and light headed and like i wanted to be sick but nothing else, no tight chest no lump in throat i just felt really nervous and edgy like i wanted to cry but needed my mom to cry too, then all of a sudden i didnt feel sick or light headed anymore but just REALLY emotional and unable to settle it was as if there were a million conversations going on in my head at once and then i just started gettin the thought in my head that i was going to die, it was weird because i felt fine physically and i knew nothing was wrong, but i just felt really emotionally unstable and and it was like a voice in my head just saying "your gonna die" over and over again but i just felt as if i cud get my mom and let out the cry id be fine, it was just overpowering me i just really felt to urge to cry to my mom and the voice in my head was just going round n round saying "your gonna die" but i knew i wasnt it was horrible, then i started to get really agitated and started having really bad irrational thoughts that i was gonna crack up and do something stupid or that i was going to hurt someone or that i was just gonna jump up n go crazy n smash things up, even though i had absolutely no intention of doing these things it just it was just scaring me in my mind that i was going to do something really terrible or something terrible was going to happen and i was really panicky in my mind but i wasnt suffering from the physical symtons of panic attack anymore...
it felt as though id let all my anxietys about my physical condition build up into one big cry and i just needed to let it out and id be cured of my anxiety, it was as if id learned to get rid of the physcial symptons of the anxiety and built all my anxietys and worries up into one big massive cry, and if i cud just have my mom to let out a huge cry to, all my problems would be over, but it was so long before my mom came in by the time she was in the cry had gone and i was just left with a really horrible, confused, aggitated, frustrated feeling, it felt as though id cracked up by not being able to let out all my emotions and worries in that one big cry and that they had instead maifested themselves in my mind and made me crack up, thats what it felt like, ive just convinced myself that if id have been able to cry to my mom at that moment, i wudnt have all the worrys and anxietys anymore and id have no more panic attacks!!! thats my main concern right now, im afraid that ive cracked myself up or created a physcological problem by worrying over the physcial symtons of the anxiety attacks and everything else so much and letting it all build up emotionally, because all today ive felt totally different, its as if im not worrying about anything physical anymore, just worrying about my mental state all the time instead, even when i really think bout a panic attack, i get a little feeling of being tight chested then i tell myself its nothing and it goes but now im stuck with this feeling that ive cracked myself up cos i just now im just keep thinkin irrational things like am i going to kill myself am i going to hurt someone, even though i have absolutely no intention of doing such things, i feel fine now as im concentrating on this, its when i try to relax i just have loads of irrational thought flowing through my mind making me feel nervous and uneasy. so my main concern is ...have i cracked myself up? or is it just because ive learned to deal with the physical effects of the anxiety and so now its affecting me more emotionally??? and is my worrying that ive cracked myself up making these irrational thought worse? and do i just need to learn how to control the mental symtons of anxiety the way i learned to deal with the physcial ones???? could it be all the years of worrying about trivial things that have lead me to be anxious? have i just let everything get on top of me and suffered a mini breakdown??? i feel totally more relaxed and a lot less concerned about my physcial state, its just my mental state thats worrying me, i feel totally sane and rational, its just the constant irrational thoughts in the back of my mind when i try to rest thats bugging me. i know that irrational thought are symtons of anxiety so maybe i just need to approach them in the same way i approached the physical symtons and maybe ill solve them too??? any opinions thought or any feedback MUCH appreciated, thank you:)

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  • Anxiety manifests itself (usually) with loads of intrusive thoughts--racing thoughts--that you seem to have. These thoughts tend to overwhelm. They may cause you to actually experience physically what you are thinking mentally (acid reflux symptoms/breathing issues/ panic). There are many medications that assist. A good therapist can also help by teaching you various techniques to stop the thoughts from being so intrusive. It's not a good idea to just try to 'stop worrying' about these things. Try to just allow the thoughts to come to your mind without placing importance on the thought. Don't give it weight in your mind. It's not a good thought or a bad thought, it's just a thought. The thought itself can't hurt you. Your choice of action following the thought is completely up to you. It's a choice, you have control over your actions if not your thoughts. In my experience, anxiety causes a lot of 'what if' thoughts. 'What if I do this'...or 'what if that happens' kinda thing....those kind of thoughts are not over-all helpful to a person and simply serve to exacerbate the symptoms of anxiety. I have also seen much of the 'worst-case-scenario' thinking. As in, people with sever anxiety tend to dwell on the absolute worst-case thinking they can come up with. Well, there's always another side of something that hasn't happened yet--a very positive side to. Maybe switching all those intrusive thoughts to a more positive reality will also cause a switch in the 'creating your own destiny' realm. Without fully understanding how exactly you 'solved' your physical symptoms approach, I really couldn't recommend you try to do this one on your own. Having thoughts of 'I'm gonna die' or hurting others is not something I take lightly, even if you say you are fully rational and sane. With your physical symptoms, your thinking caused you to act out in a different way that was ultimately detrimental to your health--i.e. hearing about possible medical issues and then convincing yourself you have them. I wouldn't risk this one; you might do the same with the mental ones. Talk to your mom; talk to a doctor. They can help with this.
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