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odd is good

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  • Posted By: harpy33
  • January 4, 2009
  • 06:03 AM


I have a wierd issue and have wondered for a while what it was.

1. Any time i scratch (not just scratch, but any action really... lift, bump...) my left leg, arm, ear, etc. I get an inescapable feeling to do the same to the right leg, arm, ear, etc. I then have to do the same to the right leg and then to the left a second time, because the first time i scratched the left one first and this time the right one first. Then, if possible I do the same thing to both right and left at the same time to further balance the score. I also wipe my deodorant on the same amount of times under each arm. Everything has to be done an odd number of times. Even numbers are very uncomfortable. I like the odd ones though... so long as when doubled they don't add up to an even number that I particularly hate. Like 6. (typing that number is making my left thumb and ring finger feel very uncomfortable... like i need to press on them.... ok i did)

2. Sometimes it involves saying things that other people say, but I have to be the last one to say it. Try explaining that one.

3. When I can't get the odd numbers to add up right, I count really fast and say random numbers in my head while performing the tasks until i loose count. This is an out for never being able to add odd numbers together and get another odd one.

4. In certain times, it consumes me. Other times i can hide it or almost ignore it.

5. I don't have to arrange things... I do check things over and over (the locks on the door) even if I know they are fine. But that's not a huge deal. It doesn't bother me a lot.

6. Most of the problems seem to be touch related though. I feel horrible typing this right now. My right pinky is hiting the return key a bunch so a lot of these letters are being typed with my left pinky to compensate. I periodically have to press certain fingers really ******n my laptop so the balance is restored. I'm not counting this time though, just a wierd feeling that needs fixed.

7. Flipping a coin? I have to choose tails. It's comfortable. Like odd numbers. I always choose left over right. Left is comfortable too. Up is comfartable, and down is not.

These symptoms I haven't heard anyone else claim. I hear a lot about aligning things, and numbering when talking about ocd. But I feel like this is different. The numbering isn't what bothers me. It's the touch related stuff. It's hard to explain. It just feels wierd if I don't do certain things. Not that voices are telling me to or something. Nothing mentat. It's an actual feeling, like an itch. You can't just ignore an itch. It gets worse. This is the same way. The closest feeling I can relate it to is restless leg syndrome. If you've ever had it, you know how it feels if you don't move your leg. Like your gonna explode. It's like that.

I think it's mainly my left hand right now that feels left out. For instance: I can type with my left hand and feel fine. but if I type with my right hand, my left hand throws a fit, and wants the same attention.

oh well. maybe i'm just extra special.

ps - anxiety, nervousness, and sadness also gang up on my a lot. They walk around with me and poke fun. Even when they are behaving, they are still there.

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  • This sounds like ocd and schizotypal personality disorder decided to wed and have offspring… Trust me, I’m not making fun! I have a disorder myself and I also think odd is good, only in one sense though. ^^I’m more of an even numbers person. Though I’m only as fond of them as the next person. Yeah, I can see how this can be troublesome. On the upside you must be a very creative person!!Have you had any kind of trauma you can remember? Any possible brain injury or anomaly that you know off? Do you have the other general symptoms of ocd to general things? Do you have any other oddities? Try googling the personality disorder that I mentioned but if you answered no to the last question then it’s not very likely. Have you always been like this? Maybe it’s more biological than you think. Maybe you have very low-level autism. Did you have a very unbalanced past? Making sense of it all and establishing some control with numbers is less intimidating then doing so with people, that’s for sure.I wish you luck.
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    • January 15, 2009
    • 04:34 AM
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