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OCD in Children

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 3, 2007
  • 01:40 PM

My ex wife and I have been divorced for 3 years. She tends to want to attract attention from those around her. She called me last night and "informed me" that our 8 year old son has OCD. After listening to her and the "symptoms" that she "saw" I had to interject that I saw none of the symptoms (counting to 10, sitting on his behind and balancing with his feet up for 10 seconds, picking up a cup to drink the same way every time, when he reads she said he rubs each ear a certain way)

I am very very close to my boys (emotionally and geographically (their home with their mother and their home with me are 10 minutes apart)...I volunteer at their school, I coach their teams, I particiapte in activities with them...the boys spent 75% of the summer with my wife and I (who has a Masters in family counseling).....the point that I am making is that we have a tremendous amount of exposure to my sons

I commented to my ex that I would certainly look for these traits but explained that I, my wife, my family etc did not see them.

She has labeled my son with OCD without having a formal diagnosis...she tells everyone that "my son has OCD".....she teaches school at my sons school and has commented to multiple teachers that "my son has OCD".....it is my opinion, that she is doing this to get attention.

My concern is for my son. If we collectively see signs of OCD then we must get this looked at by a professional.........in the mean time, it breaks my heart that their mother finds it too easy to apply labels, labels that can and will stick with the child throughout their lives

Has anyone run into a similar situation....does anyone have any advice as to how to handle this (my ex wife is very combative and fancies herself as an expert in many areas)

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  • It's too bad that both of my parents were like your wife when it came to me and my mental health! It's a good thing that you have some common sense! Cudos to you. Please stay involved! Giving medication to a mentally healthy individual can create setbacks in a child's life!
    FreeSpirit27 14 Replies
    • September 4, 2007
    • 05:29 AM
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  • She really shouldnt be saying that without a profession's opinion. I know how you feel, My sister is also an attention seeker and does things like that
    Oingo7Boingo 4 Replies
    • January 14, 2008
    • 04:09 PM
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  • From experience I think that OCD does tend to develope in children about your son's age. It did with me and a couple of my friends. We are all born with it, but this is when it is triggered I find. Take your son to the doctor, get an official diagnosis, and if he does have OCD then get him treated. The sooner he is sorted then the less chance it has of sticking around. Not many people are actually cured of this but that's because they have it for a number of years before treatment, get your son seen now and he could be treated completly.Also congratulations for noticing this behavour in your son!As for your wife, maybe you could explain to her that this is a private issue that needs to be dealt with not advertised.
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