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Nervous Breakdown - HELP NEEDED!!

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  • Posted By: missmrt
  • March 28, 2008
  • 02:15 AM

I understand that this is not a clinical diagnosis, but I have had and am experiencing a nervous breakdown. It has been a long time coming, drip dripping then all of a sudden wooosh, that was it, I dropped out of uni, have had to move back home with my parents, and have not had any contact with any friends, and very little family for nearly three months now, and have barely gotten out of bed at all.
I have been to the doctors a few times, and have been prescribed different anti deppresants, although they just didn't work. I have recently been trying to slowly intergrate myself back into life again, but am now panicking that its all a bit too soon, and I don't know what to do now. I physcailly CANNOT go back to the doctors, and I have tried. I just cannot face it one bit.
The longer this goes on the more and more angry I am getting, and I just don't know what it going to happen when I explode, which is inevitable.
Does anyone have any advice?? all gratefully received:(

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  • Hi missmrt, It usually comes to a point that u have to actively do things to brake out of this cycle. Anitdepressants can & do help but there always comes a point that u will have to do ur bit as well to get better & change things. I know this is difficult but u have got to make the effort & push urself also. What i would suggest u do is make a plan of action......it can start with simple things like "tomorrow i am going to get up early & go for a walk.............do not change ur plan even if it comes to the point u don't want to do it " Stick with it !" Then make a date to see one of ur friends even if its only for 1hr......... again stick to this plan ! Each day set a goal, one step at a time.......start to be pro-active in regaining ur life back......don't totally rely on answers in a bottle of pills, u need to help urself also ! A book u should read is "Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway" by Susan Jeffers ! Depression is an awful illness......but u have to fight it to get better ! Also it is good to talk, talk to a friend or find someone to be ur Mentor........You can beat this ! Also when u talk to ur friend about it (now this is what I found works best) set a time limit on how long u will talk about it then move on to another topic like "what is happening in their life & have a laugh" its good to do this, as when u leave to go home u will have lifted ur spirit & go home thinking "ya know i enjoyed that" ! There is Power In Positive Thinking..........There are books on this also, look into it ! I have to go now but there is much more i can talk through with u, If u so wish ? Brake the cycle, dont't rely on others & pills to do it for you, you also need to heal urself ! For ursake, u don't want to spend ur life with this ! Byeeeeeee for now :)
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  • Another thing i forgot to say............Please do go back to ur doctors, depression can take a long time to beat ! If u are not improving on the medication u are on now, tell the doctor & he will change it or sometimes maybe just need to increase the dose ! U should go to ur doctors & let them know what is happening. Remember that is what they are there for, they also know that with depression/brakedown there is no quick fix. It takes a few years to bring u to this point therefor it will also take time to get better ! I don't know where u are but here where i am it is possible to have a CPN nurse that helps & keeps check on how u are progressing ! It is important to take care of the clinical side as well as putting into action ur plan of self help ! Please u need to find the stregnth to do this ! Reach out ! You can do it ! :) U can beat it !
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  • I have experienced a nervous breakdown also. The best thing for you to do is to get some counseling with a psychologist or a psychiatrist. The people around you are not going to understand what you are going through because they have not experienced a nervous breakdown. You will be able to recover from the breakdown, but it takes some hard work. There may be some people that you have to temporarily avoid if they cause you too much additional stress. Good luck with the recovery
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