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Need help here..jus tell me anythg tat can be done

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 28, 2007
  • 03:22 PM

im frm singapore n d problem happened wen i was in a new environment in polytechnic. i used to have a grp of frens who were sensitive n cared for each othr reali well, we also praised n support each othr all d time. bt then when we were separated in to dif schs, i met n socialise wif a new grp who was totally different. they were more aggressive n rough in their socialising n jokes, sometimes i jus felt like leavin the grp n join a dif one bt i did nt have d heart to do so. i decided to b strg n face it so i faked as if i wasnt hurt whenever the jokes were at me. i acted like it was normal, jus like hw it was to d othrs bt i came home n jus vent my anger on smthg. it went on n d nxt yr, we gt separated n went into dif classes. thr i am again in a new grp bt d prob is that EVERYTIME I MOVE INTO A NEW GROUP, I CHANGE MY CHARACTER TO SUIT THEM. it was at a time dat i jus shouted that i wanted to be myself. i see people who had so much confidence in dem such that theyre d ones who attract people into their social grps rather than dem joining othrs. i wanted to be like dem bt i had no confidence. i was paranoid after all dat i went thru. getting praised at ferst makin me feel so much confidence n suddenly gettin picked on(jokes) then. i dont know wad to do. i want to be myself bt i cant rmbr wad my character was after all d faking. im interested in thgs that i sometimes feel embarassed to show people wad it is. wad can i do to have more confidence? wad steps or actions can be taken to make me become less paranoid n BE MYSELF? i hope u can help...

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  • wow..sorry you're having this problem. i used to do that MYSELF!! i would NOT be myself & i would adapt according to WHO i was around so i could fit in... then i got sick of MYSELF & stopped it. here's a few suggestions: 1) try "acting as if" you DONT have this problem anymore (this involves *forcing yourself* to be the REAL you around other people--in time, it'll become NATURAL for you & you'll do it ALL THE TIME. one thing that'd help in doing this would be to spend time REPEATEDLY telling yourself tihngs like "I dont care what OTHERS think, i'll be MYSELF., "i'll find people WILL like me, & some *wont*, but that's OK with me!" when i say to "repeatedly tell yourself things like that", i mean everyday, over & over--alot of time is spent on it. eventually you'll feel good about yourself again!!!
    dudbubbin1 37 Replies
    • January 28, 2007
    • 08:41 PM
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  • thanks...i appreciate it :)
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 29, 2007
    • 02:18 PM
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