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My daughter is so mean and argumentative. She talks to herself alot. Is in good with God

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  • May 11, 2014
  • 08:02 PM

My stepdaughter has been through some very traumatic events in her life. Her sister was abducted and murdered in 1995, but her remains were not discovered until 2007. After that, around late 2008, her marriage broke up, due to her husbands mental health issues (schizophrenia) and her late night partying. She lost her home and car and was forced to move in with her father and I. We loved having our grandson with us, but we rarely saw her. She was using methamphetamine, alcohol and smoking pot daily. After about a year or so, we had to ask Liz to move out because she was breaking things, not helping with her son, household maintenance or securing a job. She was verbally argumentative and would not follow a single rule we had for our home.

She has been doing this same thing, same behavoir, more violent phsically and has her own set of rules she lives by. Her explanation for these special rules is that her dad's family is of the divine blood line, like the Davinci Code stuff.

She has a newfound relationship with Jesus and he is ok with her drug use and not working. She has lived with everyone she's ever known the last 6 years and doesn't leave when asked. She says she is owed this for all she has done for them. And they still owe her. One couple she lived with split up because she thinks she knows how to fix everyone's problems even if they are only problems she has made up in her mine and to her they are real. The last man she lived with, who was her mother's ex, could not get rid of her so he moved himself into the mission to get away from her abusive behavior.

Now, again she is living with us. So far we have missed a months rent having to bail her out of jail because she had my klonopin medication in her purse. I had no knowledge of this and she does not take medication of any kind. She has always been very abusive towards me by making up really cruel stories and sending them through her family, at first starting with her Dad. This has been going on since 2007.

Stories to date:
2007 - I had her cat arrested by animal control while we were catsitting for her. She knew all along that it was our neighbors who did not know her cat was staying with us.
2008 - I stole her Aunts Jewelry worth $45,000.00 and had belonged to her grandmother. The jewelry was eventually recovered and I was never really vindicated to the family.
2009 - She accused me of molesting my grandson and no less in front of a group of my friends. Then she proceeded to leave my house without one important item. Her son, who I had been babysitting prior to her announcement. I escorted her back into my house and made her take my grandson and that was the last night I spent alone with him ever.
2010 - The beginning of the character assassination of Cindy(me) by text msg. I gave her father Herpes, her fathers buddies were getting free Bj's from me. I was stealing her heirloom jewelry
2011 - I was working for the cops, I was reporting her to CPS, I was sleeping with her ex, she was locking me out of my own home, I was stealing her documents, Identity theft
2012 - she moved in while we were taking a break from our marraige. She locked me out again. I got in and she had tore through my miltary papers which I had been gathering for a claim for military sexual trauma and then broadcast that I was faking a claim for rape throughout the family.
2013 - She didn't have any time to make up stories because she was kicked out of 3 places and
2014 - Now she is living in 1/2 our apt and refuses to leave or even let us into that 1/2 of our apt. She is not supposed use drugs, but her boyfriend supplies her at least 3 times a day and she leaves our secured access door open for herself because she has no keys and refuses to lock it so she can let her cat out. OMG. I have P.T.S.D and major depressive disorder along with panic disorder and physically I am disabled receiving SSI while awaiting my rating decision for the military claim I won last year on that fake MST claim. What is her deal and who can help her. We cannot survive another year with her. You probably noticed that my grandson is not with her. CPS removed him 2 years ago because she refused to get him to school on time and cooperate with UA's. I know there is mental health issues here, but how much of this is maybe a little anti social or narcissistic characteristically? Please advise. We already know she will not leave that apartment and I will not move to get rid of her. Thanks for any advice. Nearly Nothing left in Nebraska

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