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Mental Health Disorder??

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  • Posted By: AnonymLynn
  • May 16, 2013
  • 07:51 AM

Okay, so I’m 21 year young and have noticed there’ssomething wrong with me (at least I think there is). I have a psychiatrist but am having an anxietyattack at the thought of having to call and schedule an appointment (I was justassigned to a new psychiatrist because my previous one was deemed ‘incompetent’and I had only seen her once before). Why am I just now bringing this up? I’mjust starting to notice I’ve been like this my whole life. I grew up in a LARGEfamily and was one of the middle children after being orphaned by my parents atan early age. I was a loner type growing up but there were so many distractionsin the house, I never paid attention to what was going on with me. Now that Iam on my own I’ve noticed that:

I basically live inmy head and have an extremely active imagination.
(ie: I look forward to sleeping so I can dream about somefictitious person and this fictitious person’s life)

I tell lies abouteverything that’s not important or relevant.
(ie: I go to a simple, uneventful DR’s appointment. However,when I am home and talking to someone, I got pulled over for speeding butsomehow sweet talked my way out of a ticket)

I avoid the going outin public, even if it means missing appointments or important deadlines.
(ie: I had to request a transcript from some college to getinto another college, meaning I had to gain access to a public fax machine tosend a letter to first college. I missed my deadline because I couldn’t work upthe nerve to go into FedEx Office).

I limit my socialinteractions and avoid personal conversations with people.
(ie: When in a social setting, I sit quietly to myself andwhen I am approached, I give quick, dismissive answers or comments)

I take things deemedas ‘unimportant’ or ‘no big deal’ personally.
(ie: I went to sell my old laptop, however, I was told theycouldn’t accept it at that location but they were sure another would. I criedfor about ten minutes in my car before heading home in defeat. )

I cannot carry on anormal conversation with my peers but can do so quite easily with ones olderthan me.

I am apathetictowards death.

Any thoughts on what could be going on? Like I said, I havea psychiatrist and will schedule an appointment (eventually) as soon as I canbuild myself up to that.

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  • Really?! Not one response from anyone in 2 months?? This forum blows!!!I'm sorry it took so long for a response... I have problems when it comes to socializing with people as well. It could be just 1 person or a group, I just usually feel uncomfortable around anyone unless I've personally known them very well for a long time. Old girlfriends would tell me to just get out and enjoy myself, get some new friends...... Trust me, I quite enjoy myself a lot and if I did enjoy other people I wouldn't be alone at the moment, duh? I can't give you any answers because I'm looking for my own right now, seeing how no one replied to your personal story I don't think mine will get any replies any time soon.... But if you have an anxiety attack just by thinking about callin your shrink then that sounds like a severe condition, I would try and suggest finding the closest person to you that you're most comfortable with and asking them to help you make the call... Maybe even go with you so you feel more comfortable. When I had strong close friend relationships I could do anything, but people grow up and get married and move away so I'm stuck in my bedroom 90% of the time... If you still have someone who is dearly close to you, use that as an advantage and hope that you don't kick everyone out of your life like I did. As soon as you're able to get in touch with a professional they need to hear this story.. If your family doctor is anything like mine then he's a moron when it comes to mental disorders/difficulties, so you need someone who works in your feild of anxiety or maybe anti social disorders to talk to and get diagnosed. I realise a lot of what I'm saying may not e extremely helpful but I hope some part of it helped.. Please reply back, your similar stories might also be able to help mine... Thank you.
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  • Thank you for your response, I actually did have somebody call and set up my appointments - though, I did try to cancel multiple times. I went in to see my psychologist and psychiatrist several times within those two months and fortunately they were helpful, unlike this forum. Over the course of that time, I was diagnosed with multiple mental disorders until they finally collaborated and figured out that there was no mental disorder, rather it's a personality disorder - schizoid personality disorder. Just knowing what it was turned out to be a major turning point as my psychiatrist had me on some pretty strong anti-anxiety medications (one's that are used to calm people with BPD but as I didn't have any chemical imbalance - it actually caused one - bad times). When he realized that it was a personality disorder he stopped medicating me with the explanation that you can't medicate somebody for "being an *******". My psychiatrist discharged me but made note to amp up my sessions with my psychologist. I'm not sure what could be going on with you but I would definitely advise that you have your doctor look into personality disorders before medicating you for a possible mental disorder.
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  • To Zzzslyzzz, look into social anxiety disorder. Might want to find a therapist (different from a psychiatrist) that treats SAD specifically. Try asking about CBT and/or ACT types of treatment. Good luck!
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    • January 27, 2014
    • 05:27 AM
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