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Many Phobias

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  • Posted By: YaoiRox666
  • April 11, 2009
  • 05:34 AM

Okay, first off, I hope I'm posting right, I'm new to this site, so forgive me for posting stupidly. Secondly, I have been suffering from so many phobias since I turned 16. It's a long story, but I do hope you take the time to read and help me out.

Every since Dec. of 2008, I have suffered from a gigantic phobia of going outside. Now, I know it's called agoraphobia, but the thing is I have had a problem with going outside because I fear that gravity will suddenly disappear and I'll float up into outer space. I can't say what truly triggered this in my brain. What happened was I was about to take a walk outside in the dark like I normally do - and I should add before this all happened I used to be a very outside person, I went camping for a week with a friend's family, and I loved walking in the dark and taking car trips, in fact I used to love being outside than in my house! - anyway, I was walking and not even a few feet from the driveway when I suddenly stopped. It's hard to describe what I felt. It was just a strong fear feeling - like everything was out in the open and not small like my room. So I ran back inside my house.

It was a day or so later when the thought of gravity suddenly giving away that I actually became really afraid to go outside. I was lucky to be on the winter break so I didn't have to go to school. But I stayed in the house all sheltered and would not leave. I hated it when I had to take garbage out and I didn't tell anyone and I felt so scared doing it because I was always thinking, "what if it suddenly goes away?"
I told a friend who said it would never go away - and I trusted her cause she is like a mini scientist, so I knew she was telling the truth. For a while it helped, but sometime after the fear came back and it came with panic attacks. It was scary going outside. I HATED it!

Now, lately along with gravity, I have also been fearing the sky and the world. I'm scared of the sky because it's so open and wide and everywhere! I feel like it's a gigantic vacuum and it's going to suck me up! I have also been super depressed not only with these thoughts but just major self-conscious issues. I'm also scared of the world because of how it's so big. And space. Because of how it really doesn't seem that far from us and because of how it seems so huge and out there.

Please, I'm really begging for help. I feel like I have been suffering from this for years rather than 5 months. I have to go to the library tomorrow and that means I have to leave my room and I can't help but think of gravity and the sky and being sucked up into it!
I used to tell my counselor this but now I don't go to school because I'm tutored (not my choice by the way.)

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