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Is this Delusional Disorder or can it really be happening?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 27, 2010
  • 03:52 AM

My husband truly believes that someone is out to get him. That he is being stalked/harassed by someone but does not know who or why. At first I always told him it was all in his head and/or just coincidences because he does have a past of worrying. But with all that has happened to him I am beginning to wonder if it truly is happening.

Most of the time that these "things" happen to him he is by himself so there is no one else to witness these events, such as, after returning to his car he finds his cigarette pack crushed or lighter broke, his coffee cup missing or in the middle of summer the air conditioner temp would be turned all the way to hot (these are just a few of many examples). He has also had a man (he has never seen before) give him dirty looks at a supermarket and then 2 days later he ran into the same man at another store and again he stared him down and made a verbal threat. Now again, I was not there to witness this but I do not feel that he has imagined it. However, shortly after this incident he said he'd start hearing loud noises outside and thought someone was throwing rocks at him/our house from the woods. This I could not believe, until one night he had me listen from an open window and I did also hear these loud noises. I tried to convince him that they are just night noises but he is convinced it was someone throwing rocks/objects at our house. We since moved and had not heard any noises for months until a few weeks ago. He heard what he says was an extremely loud bang while he was outside smoking late at night and now he is paralyzed with fear that this person or people have followed us to our new residence. Then just a few days ago, a couple of minutes after I left the house, he witnessed a car drive up, stop in front of our house, a man rolled down the window and stared at him. When he started to approach the car it took off. He was not able to get a look at the driver or the plates. Now again, this happened while he was the only one there to witness it but I do not think that he imagined it, I just think that it was just a coincidence and maybe this person thought he was someone else or was looking at something else, etc. I just can't fully believe that there is someone out there hiding in our woods late at night in the middle of winter waiting for him so they could throw rocks or a person or people following him just to stare at him and take off. To me that sounds like a whole lot of effort, energy & time put into trying to drive someone crazy.
But at the same time, there are a whole lot of "coincidences" that happen to him and this has been going on for 5 years, so it kind of makes me wonder, could it really be happening?

So, my concern is this, is my husband suffering from delusional disorder, or can someone truly be out there tormenting him for some unknown reason?

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