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Is something wrong?

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  • Posted By: RandomCitizen_1
  • June 24, 2011
  • 02:29 PM

I am a new user. Came across this site while i was googling..

I am not sure if anything is wrong with me. I always feel pathetic/silly about bringing stuff like this up (hence i do not discuss with people and have not seen anyone about it). However, it affects my life, and i need some clues.

Information about me that may be appropriate:
-I grew up in another country, had to leave when i was around 10 because of unfortunate circumstances. And now reside elsewhere. I am now 18. (moved country about 3 times).
-I am now in university, studying Engineering. So i am relatively intelligent.
-I am fit and generally healthy. I go to the gym a few times every week.
-I don't do drugs or smoke. I drink only occasionally.
-I drink a lot of tea. But that is good for me, right? :P

What is bugging me:
-I am always tense and have no enthusiasm for anything.
-Clouded mind. I feel as if i can never think straight. I overlook things when in this state (which, i think, is all the time.)
-I zone out a lot.
-I over-think absolutely everything.
-I am OCD about things. For example: Before i go to sleep, i have a big routine. I switch off the kettle, make sure the doors are locked (twice), brush my teeth, check my blankets for spiders, move my bed to check walls and ceiling for spiders, and i lie in bed listening for unusual noises until my mind starts wondering over random things.
-At my little part time job, i have trouble listening to customers, listening to instructions from my boss and am clumsy sometimes and can't help it. and it all builds up, my mind becomes more clouded until i am pretty much on a "bad auto pilot".
- On this "bad auto pilot" i talk, but cant seem to say the right things, and sentences sometimes get cut off completely or my voice lowers or gets higher.
-I bite my nails (bad habit that i do not have the willpower to stop)
-My hands shake a bit, all the time.
-I get stressed over little things. I went out for a drive with my mother (as i have a driving test soon). I can't concentrate properly when driving, i go onto this "bad auto pilot" and get extremely stressed and anxious.
-I don't feel like myself, i am constantly changing my ways, act and feel differently every day, and around certain people without being able to help it.
-I never accomplish tasks when i set them for myself, i procrastinate until the last minute. I get stressed and look for excuses.
-I make impulsive decisions. e.g. I bought an expensive racing bicycle that i never use. And recently, a new computer (Oh gosh.. More distraction :| ...)
-I am extremely easily affected (maybe too much so) by music.

Can't think of anything more at the present time, I have lost concentration.

A little help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • It sounds as if you may have a problem with anxiety.. so some treatment for that may help. Anxiety will affect your ability to concentrate etc have no enthusiasm for anything. You possibly have depression too. You should go and see someone to be assessed.
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