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is it all in my head

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 15, 2007
  • 01:30 PM

I have major depression, i realize this and am being treated for it. recently i have episodes of um, i guess you could call it collapsing at work...

the first time it happened i wasn't feeling well, i had taken cold meds, felt a tingling sensation through my body, was dizzy and hadn't eaten that much. I work at a pet store and when i went into the grooming dept. my legs suddenly felt like spaghetti, i must have looked out of b/c one of the groomers asked what's wrong, i was very shaky by this time and weak and fell to the ground in a sitting position then fell back and started hyperventalating. They called an ambulance and they came and took me to the hospital.

the evidence of depression is all over my arms, i have a lot of scars from cutting, self injury. the minute they saw these they were convinced i was having some sort of panic attack, they pumped me with fluids gave me some xanax and sent me on my merry little way.

i visited my primary doc who, when she saw my blood sugar was low and asked me a few more questions and decided i was hypoglicemic.

i was satisfied with this diagnosis and changed my eating habits wich seemed to help dizzy spells and fatigue.

well just two days ago it happened again...

this time was different, i had eaten plenty that day, and was really feeling just fine. i was cleaning a hamster cage and the hamster jumped to the ground i bent down to pick it up and when i came up felt the room spinning and fell back on my butt.

i sat there for a minute, then when i started feeling better i got up and was heading to the office to tell someone what happened just in case it happened again. i never made it to the office when i collapsed and started hyperventalting. so here comes another ambulance, (hadn't even paid the first one yet), and again they saw that i was being treated for depression and again treated it as a psychological problem.

i don't know what to believe. they did all kinds of test on my heart and my bp was fine and i feeling fine, i was even in a pretty good mood.

what is going on?

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  • Sudden fainting could be anxiety could be a lot of other things, too. The hyperventalating sounds like anxiety, but have you had an ECG? There are some rare heart-related disorders that can cause sudden fainting from heart arrhythmia--it's rare but can happen. And if this IS happening to you, it isn't often properly diagnosed because you are young with no apparent heart problems. Don't mean to scare you, it just seems that a *good* ECG by a specialist might be warranted.
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    • January 27, 2007
    • 09:44 PM
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