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I would like a second oppinion before I seek a professional.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 20, 2013
  • 11:31 PM

I am an 18 year old just finishing highschool.
At the age of 12 I was diagnosed with ADHD. Recently I have discovered that some are re-diagnosed later in life with Asperger's Syndrome.
I do not know if I am being foolish or paranoid in suspecting myself as possibly having Asperger's or not and hope I could receive a second oppinion from someone more farmiliar with the syndrome then I. I will try my best to provide information that may help conclude whether I have it or not.

I was noted for walking at an early age. Later an attribute my teachers and parents noted was I possessed a very strong vocabulary from kindergarten to present. As a small child I remember having a friend in kindergarten but not more than one. Later in elementry I primarily played with one boy and toward the last 2 years of elementry 2 more. I was always told I was very bright but in elementry school I struggled with spelling (and though I have dramatically have improved I still do at times). My second grade teacher and parents pointed out my acute ability to quote movies or songs. Into 6th grade I did not have even a single friend. Then after moving to the other side of town (a move that devistated me) I enrolled in a new school. There I had a few friends. My grades were not perfect. I would hold an A in math yet a D in another. I have always done poorly in writing based classes. A combination of pressure to complete something along with not enough time to write all I wanted to say. High school though is a very different time. Over a terbulant 4 years I made (and still have) many friends. But from freshman to junior year my grades still were not perfect. Every class I participated yet I was (and still am) upset with my most of my teachers. I felt a majority of the they were not doing their duty to teacher honestly. Every day I would find point out fail statements. I persisted with resources and fact that the things they were teaching were either baseless, outdated, or so sickeningly biased it made me feel physically sick. In highschool I was also diagnosed with depression and suffered anxiety from time to time. I find my common classmate to be dull, without honor or value. And though I find most to be this way in such a large highschool as mine (over 4400 students) I find myself having many friend and aquentances who have my loyalty for anything. I try to be friendly to others and when I become involved in conversation I most times won't stop talking about a single subject I enjoy. There is more but I fear I am rambling. I still feel anxiety to things but seem to suppress it better. I understand there is a spectrum for the syndrome but I am unsure if it applies to me. I don't feel I am a shut in anti-social which what I have read seems to suggest about Asperger's, but I won't engage a new group of people either. Forgive my inability to keep a long story short.
I would be very grateful for help in getting a second oppinion before pursuing a specialist.
P.s. this may or may not be relivent but my father was also diagnosed with ADHD. He is not as talkative as I am and event pointed out that he did not easily make friend or do as well as I have in highschool.

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