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I think i have BPD

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  • Posted By: jessieface
  • May 23, 2011
  • 02:57 AM

i am 16 and ithink i have borderline personality disorder, i just dont kno how to tell for sure. I want to go to a therapist or get some meds to help but i am honestly terrified to tell my parents. I am scared of thier reaction and think they might just dissmiss it or not care
i am

A cutter , i cut to feel something even if it means pain
suicidal, although ive never attempted it i think about ODing or killing myself to get away from all this regularly
i have trust issues, i find it hard to trust people sometimes
i have huge mood swings , from happy to depressed to angry- but the moods obly last acouple hours or a day , never longer
depressed, its hard for me to see anything jn my future at all or even hard to see past tomorow
i have very low self esteem, i think i am worth nothing and should be punished for everything i do wrong
i walk around life like a ghost, i feel like i cant feel anything most of the time , so i cut to feel pain since its the only way i can find to feel anything except empty
i distance myself from people because i am very scared of regection or what they might say about me
i want help because i think i have a serious issue that im not sure how to deal with but i am to scared to tell my parents
ive had a normal life but i always seem to find the imerfections in little things
i have random bursts of anger that are very uncalled for
i dont know how to deal with situations anymore
i find it hard to make simple decisions
i am very paranoid about little things and find mysylf suddenly terrified of being alone but also wanting to be physically alone
i write poetry and draw terrifying things sometimes and post them online
i feel like no one cares about me anymore
i feel like ive lost who i am , i used to be happy and outgoing and have alot of friends , now i am quiet and always distant and have very few friends
i cant hold onto positive emotions very long , i find myself feeling exhausted, tired , or depressed after jst acouple hours of being happy
i do not eat lunch anymore. Ever

I dont know what to do and i dont know if i hae a mental issue or its just hard because im growing up , what should i do ? :(

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  • Im too tired to find it for you right now but there is set diagnostic criteria for BPD .. if you search you should be able to find it. For a diagnoses.. you just need to fit the criteria. With BPD you need to have had the symptoms for a while.. as it is meant to be part of someones personality and not something one just suddenly gets like depression. You may well have BPD by what you said. For BPD there are no pills for it. It cant be easily cured and long time, regular therapy eg DBT is often needed and that may not even fix it due to it being a personality thing. You did sound like you may have depression, so i do wonder just how many of your symptoms is coming from that. (BPD people are more likely to suffer from depression but depression is very common in normal personality peoples too). Depression can be treated with pills. Teens can be moody and get more mood swings as ones body is getting used to hormones etc. I strongly suggest to see someone about depression and feeling suicidal (you should mention that to your parents) and not to suggest BPD to anyone as there is a lot of bias out there as far as the medical profession goes to BPD due to some myths. Treat the depression and see how things are from there before you decide you could have more then depression.
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