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i need some advice

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 13, 2007
  • 09:04 AM

hello i was wondering if somebody could try help me understand what is going on with me. i have recently been diagnosed with clinical depression.there was few main things that caused this the main was seeing my friend in a mental hospital it really upset me and im sure triggerd the depression off.i got so paranoid that i would end up in there that the doc has put me on tablets to calm my nerves down.i am also on prozac fot the depression,i get paranoid over every sound i hear it makes me jump.i havent hardly slept in a month as i overlly dream alot,and am convinced i hear things as i am just about to drop sleep like people talking? i get so paranoid i find myself diliberatly listening thinking 'whats that sound' when its just a simple say noise.its to the point now where i dont want to leave the house or talk to anybody other than my parents.i carnt face the outside world,and dont even want to answer the fone its like i am scared to sleep so i try and stay awake becuase i am conviced i hear things when i try to sleep.i feel sick with worry all the time.i think to myself if they put me in one of them hospitals it would send me over the edge as i am paranoid as it is.sometimes i cry my eyes out and want to die and the next min i dont want to talk to anybody,and feel in a world of my own.is it possible if these symptoms are untreated i could get worse?please could sombody give me some advice as i am pretty terrified of what the future holds for me.

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  • is there some real danger in your life which you are trying not to face up to?the unconscious mind is a pretty dumb beast ,but if you worry it it will give you all the alertness under the sun.alternatively it can happen that a person misguidedly worries about small things and magnifies them.it doesnt take much of this sort of thing to provoke the same process....wakefulness ,alertness,fearfulness,bad fantasies that wont stop.in olden times doctors used to call the state you are in "watching"...in the sense of being on guard. much insomnia is partly of this character i believe.(there used to be a scottish regiment,i remember, called"the black watch"...("the black guard",do you see?) i mention this to establish with you that what is happening is well observed,well known,and probably has an essentially rational origin.you have to work out which of your conscious controllable mental habits is causing this,and go easy on it.if you have a real problem which you keep pushing to the back of your mind,then it may be worth getting some advice about that.there is no need for you to be alone with anything.let us know how you get on,please.
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