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I need help determining if my moms spells are caused by hypoglycemia. Any help greatly appreciated.

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  • March 11, 2014
  • 01:31 AM

My mom is 54 year old. She's a former alcoholic, but I would personally classify her more as an alcohol abuser. She's had symptoms consistent with hypoglycemia- confusion, difficulty speaking and understanding speech, altered gait, lethargy, changes in her mood, etc. She had a glucose tolerance test, during which her blood glucose dropped to 37mg/dL around the 3rd hour (her neurologist's report denoted it as 'critical'). We were fairly certain that was an accurate diagnosis, but in the weeks since, she's had much more consistent episodes. We decided to 'babysit' her to ensure she was eating according to her meal plan, and we've still seen relatively consistent episodes. She had an attach this evening, so I asked her to check her blood glucose levels at 15 minute intervals... they came back at 112mg/dL, 102mg/dL and 131mg/dL. She ate dinner... then unfortunately smoked a cigarette about 45 minutes later... then tested at 119mg/dL. It was about 2 hours after dinner when this test was done. I do think she's depressed, but I've attributed that to the hypoglycemia. She has an amazingly supportive family (parents, husband, kids, etc.) and a normal, if not privileged life. Not spoiled, not wanting. Lots of love and support. So much that she feels as though everything is her fault because she doesn't see anything in her past to explain it. I understand this, as I had an eating disorder for many years, but didn't experience the trauma that many of my friends at my inpatient center did. I consider it a result of prolonged negative thought patterns, my personality, society/culture, and the means to support it. I see the same patterns in her thought, but much more pronounced. I don't know if it's simply depression and hypoglycemia, or something more. Mini-strokes and diabetes run in my family (on my mom's side). I feel helpless because I can't tell if she's not being truthful or if something else is wrong. She's MY BEST FRIEND- I know her better than anyone- and my gut says she's not lying. I know when she's lying. She's not. It hurts me to even question her, but that's all that makes sense to me right now. To make it more distressing, my 82 year old grandparents (her parents) are as affected by this as I am. They need to focus on their own health. And my dad has dealt with this everyday for several years. He says that he can handle it, and that we need to leave it to him, but he doesn't understand, and I'm worried he can't shoulder all of the stress. My family is more important to me than anything. Everyone is feeling the effects of this. She has a fantastic doctor, but his practice is so busy that she's only able to see him once every 3ish months at this point. Has anyone else experienced something similar? I need to help her. I'm worried that we're either missing something. Thank you in advance for any responses. <3

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  • Sometimes hypoglycemia can trigger complex partial seizures (focal seizures) which aren't always easy to spot (they just look like the person spaced out for a minute. But they wouldn't be able to speak and speech might be funny after. Also could account for unsteady gait and depression. Sleep-deprived EEG more likely to pi k it up than regular, but 72-hour one is what diagnosed mine. Maybe not but have her read the symptoms on internet to see if she has them. Good luck!
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