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i need a little help

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  • Posted By: ceptic
  • January 29, 2013
  • 00:02 PM

Hey guys i was looking through the net to try and source my problem

Im getting really angry so angry im close to hitting my partner i have to force myself to hit a object

I dont kknow why im like this i never used to be like this its only over the last year ive been so angry

I dont know if its stress or something else wondering if you guys could help me out a little in determining whats wrong with me

Abit about my life

Im 21 with partner of 3 years and have a little girl of 10months

I work alot out the house for around 12hours a day and end up coming back to spend a hour or so with my daughter before doing more work

I normally get to bed at 3am and i normally need to get up at 630 to start getting ready for work

The reason why im working so hard is because we have no money to pay for basics so im trying to earn as much as possible to pay for food. Rent car etc...

Anyway my partner does a great job with the little one but i get so angry when she interrupts me when im working as i get delayed for a few hours which results me getting to bed later

Some nights ive not even managed to get to bed with the amount of. Time ive been backlogged

She has a go at me saying i never treat her by taking her out and i say to her we have no money to go out or do anything which she replies same old same old always your excuse....

My days i do get off from work i do try and catch up on sleep i normally get 2days off in a row which variy every week
But my sleep normaly get cut short as my partner expects me to get up at 8am with the baby

Ive asked her to share my day off so. I get abit of sleep and she can get abit but when its her turn to get up she uses excuses of my headhurts or i dont feel well but when she does get up shes perfectly fine...

Im constantly getting emails and phone calls to do with work and i never get anytime to myself, i bought forza4 as a xbox game when it first came out and its still sitting in its wrapper never been opened and this came out around a year or 2years ago.

More recently my partners actions and way she speaks to me is making me angry

Or maybe its just me just getting over stressed or maybe its her being a moody cow

But i just loose control i try to calm down but she just keep saying stuff which irritates me such as

Im a bad dad as i dont spend much time with my daughter
(which i would love to have the luxurary of doing )
That i work to much
(ive asked her to go back to work to help but she refuses saying its to early to back to work because of our daughter)
that im getting fat
(which is partly my fault due to binge eating when i can as i dont get very much time of anytime at all to sit down to a meal)

Stuff like this just sets me off its more of a nastyer tone which is said but once she notices it annoys me and i do snap back at her when she says this,

I just get so angry last week i punched a hole through our wall with anger

I dont know what i can do to stop this anger

Can anyone help me calm down?


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