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I Feel Worthless

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 15, 2007
  • 10:07 PM

I am getting really, really depressed to the point that I can no longer hold back my tears anymore. I have gotten very lonely because I have no friends right now at this point in my life. My ex and I became really close friends, I told him everything there was to know about me and he comforted me through a lot of issues but now that he is starting to date and talk to other girls our friendship is taking a backburner.

Its good that he is moving on but he is starting to act different..he doesn't want to talk to me as much, and he seems to be slowly withdrawing himself from me. This hurts because I value our friendship and I have no other friends hardly

I thought about hurting myself like cutting my wrists like I did before...but I know that won't solve any of my problems.

I really need some help

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  • The problem may be that, early on, you have seen embarrassing people who over-valued themselves, while putting down others. In that case you could not then value yourself while living up to your good taste, so the best way would have been to opt for degradation. Where Nature values herself it can be quite flashy yet seems perfect, e.g. where the sunset shines through clouds. Even a roach can presume without being embarrassing. For the few humans with taste though, it is difficult to do - we know our failings.Even so, it is a duty, just like washing ourselves. If we don't value ourselves we can't expect it from others. Get all the external help you can (please do) but begin with this insight, that having a bit of audacity and dignity is the start of improving ourselves. Some even stop washing and end up in a madhouse - where they often take offence with the attitude of fellow patients! That is one way to learn that it is a duty. Consider the birds outside, they all have it. Simply based on being alive! Nobody messed them up.Yes there are many bitter questions and issues about this life. The first logical act for God, upon realizing that she was conscious, might have been to attempt suicide. The Big Bang might have been a botched suicide! The issues remain, but since God can't kill herself, the next practical choice was between a low, painful quality of life - or to try a higher, classical one. Nothing new is proven via the painful route. Rather help God and us who try to advance the other option. Decide it firmly and begin small - then you will soon see that the universe gratefully supports it.All this I have to tell myself too, every day .. Greetings from a dangerously depressed South Africa.
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  • Well, your just a worthless piece of ****!!!!!!!
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  • There is really a point in our lives that we feel we are not important to somebody or to our own selves. The main reason for this is we try to remember the pain that our loved ones have inflected on us and we tend to forget the value of our own lives.To put an end of your life will never give you an answer. Instead try to reflect on the pain and transform it into positive outlook. Like try to consider that this pain you encountered today is only a great lesson inorder to make you stronger and better person. You said that you don't have much friends. This might be an eye-opener for you that you need to realize and see that there are some people around you who want to befriend with you. They are only waiting for you on when you want to let go of your past bitter memory. If your boyfriend was able to move on, then you should also do it. Don't indulge much of your past happy moments. Try to close that chapter and start a new one. I suggest that you divert yourself to any activity or any sport. And if you found a hobby, you should value and enjoy it. You also need to accept your strengths and your flaws and don't ever tell yourself that you are worthless bec. the more you say that, the more you can't see your inner self. Think of other people who suffer more than you do but still they strive hard inorder to survive. Think that your boyfriend also suffer more than you do but strive hard to move on and try to forget the pain that he experienced before. Think that life is really like this, sometimes you are on the top and sometimes you fall down. But at the end it doesn't matter how many times you fall down, what really matter most is how many times you tried to struggle and tried to learn from all your quests.People always get depressed bec. they always want to stay where they are and avoid to accept the defeat. Not accepting the defeat means you don't want to learn from life. If you want to learn life, you need to live your life.I suggest that you also read inspirational books, which you can relate most of your situation and can give you great advices.
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  • The internet is a wonderful place to make friends, you can start there. As for "in-person" friends...they can be hit-and-miss. I can't even begin to tell you how many people I've said goodbye to in light of their backstabbing me or their fakeness...many times people who I felt were "true" friends. Don't let your situation get the best of you; if anything you can completely reinvent yourself and make all new friends.
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