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I don't know what's wrong with me...

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  • Posted By: pixie-anna
  • March 4, 2007
  • 09:57 PM

...or indeed if there is anything wrong but for as long as i can remember (I'm 16) I've been talking to people that aren't there, sort of translating them from my fantasy world to the real world.
the other thing is that i'm beginning to forget who fits in where, i.e. who is real and not real et.
I know the people aren't there and i can't see them, which is why i don't knwo if theres actually anyhting wrong with me as such, but recently i've noticed it's been getting worse, like the line between what's real and what isn't get getting less and less clear.

i was just wondering of anyone could help.

i hope this makes sense, my thoughts are kind of jumbled.


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  • I know a sane professor whose kid is schizophrenic. But this kid has to boot up his PC, help him into his Ms Word, update his virus checker etc. Go figure! In reality this whole world is an illusion, made by our own fantasies. Parts of it are worth taking seriously, such as keeping to the agreed side of the road.On the PC, one window at a time has the focus, so we can work in it. Sanity is just a case of actively choosing the window that we need or want. Great thinkers like J.W. von Goethe and Rudolf Steiner have praised imagination, showing how we create all through it and how it links up with others. We exist to imagine, so don't kill it. But these guys were at the same time able to manage their lives and be useful.Of course if we are very tired or have some physical problem, it becomes more difficult. We may fall asleep at the wheel, so we need to rest, get some exercise etc. Conditions like low blood suger can interfere. You are sensitive, so take good care of yourself. In general if you are keen to master this world and to be useful to others, you will be fine.As the so-called schizophrenic kid told me: "All are crazy, somebody must be sane." This is better than acting up - which, with his family, I'd also have done. He will be okay soon, having decided this.
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  • my brother who is 24 just had a two week stay at the mental hospital. he told me that there were vampires watching us and controling everything in the hospital. it is very scary but you need to seek help before it gets worse. pretty soon you may not know fantasy from reality-you still have a sense of the real world. please promise you will get help. you are not alone. scizophrenia is a very common mental disorder that can be fixed with medications.someone who cares
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  • i am having the same problem, like sometimes when i walk into a room i feel like he door might be closed. i mean how do we know life is real then again i know i must be crazy but there are these compulsions and it's really messing me up. i get good grades in school but mental illness runs in my family. my grandma had schizophrenia and my dad has bipolar disorder. i just don't know though someitmes the thoughts just seem so real
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  • i cant say i know exactly what you're going through but from your description i feel comfortable saying that you're not alone. but the voices arent the worst, those you can cope withl ive developed a paranoina that something is in my house (like a monster or evil force) especially at night on the staircase. everytime i go down for food i almost have a heart attack, i have to force myself not to scream im so terrified and it always ends up with me racin at blind speed up the stairs (i lve in the attick) to run away from the bad thing which is always right behind me. i understand that this is a delusion but its so real that i cant control it no matter what i do or how i try to rationalize it. i think we may be schizo my friendor maybe not who knowsmaybe were just normal and the whole world is **k*t
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