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i am suffering from strange mental state

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 6, 2009
  • 07:31 AM

i am 26 year old and i have had problem for last 4 year.i feel nervous for no reason this problem has caused depression and anxiety ,i have been taking antidepressant and tranquilizer since problem got started.when initially i felt this fatal nervousness i visited psychiatric department ,they prescribed antidepressant and tranquilizer .but antidepressant that was prescribed to me pushed me into a strange mental state ,it seemed it was not needed,i just cant describe how bad mental state i felt after taking antidepressant,now i have learnt a lot of medical term that suitable for that mental state,like stupor,apathy.but if i explain that it would be like this -neither any desire nor any kind of satisfaction.i can say these medication has made condition worst in some other way,only tranquilizer could help me in gaining peace of mind for a short time,but how long will i have to take these tranquilizer they also cause drowsiness which affect my job.now my current problem is this--i feel uncontrollable nervousness with hot flushes and with high pulse rate.i cant say whether high pulse rate is due to nervousness or nervousness is due to high pulse rate.i am still on medicine but i only take tranquilizer whenever i feel nervous.condition becomes worst when any responsibility is given at work.it seems i will lose my job due to this problem.why do i feel nervous without any reason.my thyroid test has come back normal.i think there must be any organic cause rather than any psychological cause.because when i first felt this ,i was very happy in a party.in addition i also feel sometime like demented.please reply and show me the way to get out of this darkness.
thank you

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  • Hi horrible nervous,I think I know the state you're talking about. a year ago, there was a period of about 5 months when i was really nervous about everything. sometimes my head felt clear and i thought things were fine but then i'd wake up with panic attacks for apparently no reason. i went to a doctor-turned-nutritionist and she analysed my blood and talked to me about things. she said i was very deficient in zinc, magnesium and calcium and put me on supplements. they worked - the anxiety went away. but i couldn't drink or do anything that artificially changed my brainstate and a few weeks into it, i noticed i'd lost all feeling. that apathy you were talking about - i felt like a robot. i was productive, rising early every morning, going to bed earlier than normal at night and getting everything i needed to do done. but i couldn't feel. even when i did my work well and got good results for it, the satisfaction in my mind was just in my mind. i couldn't actually feel happy with my achievements or anything else. when my friends needed me, i was always there, really patient and supportive but not feeling any empathy. my emotional centrers were shut down. i thought about suicide because i thought "if this is how it feels to be 'normal', i don't want life." i wasn't depressed, just rationally thinking there's no point. there is no point in life when you can't feel - life is about experience as well as learning. any time i drank socially, even a little bit, it would bring back feeling but i'd be really depressed for two or three days after. you're right - being nervous all the time is horrible but not feeling is just as bad, if not worse. there are other ways of getting yourself back together, though. what worked for me in the end was a lot of green tea, yoga and hypnotherapy. i know that sounds really hippy and stuff but it worked. after a summer of green tea and three sessions of hypnotherapy, my anxiety disappeared. i didn't feel the hypnosis working at all in the sessions or even between them but a week after the last one, i noticed i wasn't nervous at all. i was completely calm, really chilled out and it felt great. i had better focus than ever and i did better than ever in my exams two weeks later. i use yoga to maintain the lack of anxiety but i have to keep getting back into it because i start to get lazy about it sometimes. other things you could try are CBT (though this didn't work at all for me), trying to figure out if anything in you or in your life might have been changing around the time you started getting nervous all the time. or maybe you're worrying about the future in some way or that you're not entirely happy with something in your life that's somewhere in the back of your mind. you could also try herbal remedies or just talking to a more open-minded doctor (some are way too quick to prescribe meds)... It's also worth taking a week off and just get away for a while and have a think about things.Whatever you do about it, best of luck:D *
    Cabria 2 Replies
    • January 7, 2009
    • 05:54 PM
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  • If they only did the TSH thyroid test you could still have a major problem if you have antibodies, ask for a full test of Thyroid antibodies, they can cause mental problems independant of what your TSH blood test says. If they have tested antibodies and only tested Graves, try testing for Hashimotos. Ask them if the TSH and other thyroid hormones match up and could you have a pituatory problem. Otherwise they will just keep you on psychiatrc medication even if you have other problems through lack of thorough investigation. Also check out your insulin/glucose levels. lotsa luvWhittersx
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 23, 2009
    • 05:45 PM
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  • Are the tranquilizers you are taking benzodiazepines (like valium or xanax)? This class of drugs, while helpful for short-term issues, can actually cause more nervous/anxiety and other psychological symptoms when taken long-term or just too frequently. The antidepressant can cause apathy. Did you feel the apathetic feelings before you were placed on the antidepressants? i think there must be any organic cause rather than any psychological cause.because when i first felt this ,i was very happy in a party.in addition i also feel sometime like demented.Having this reaction during a time of little stress or happiness does not necessarily denote the cause to be organic rather than psychological. There are very real physiological expressions of stress. The stress response we can all get in this day and age due to an abnormal or excessive 'flight or fight' response.....you may physically be under more stress than you mentally know (hence the nervousness even while happy). Even small things like hearing too much city noise (sirens, cars-- in general over-stimulation or constant stimulation of senses). Our bodies can react improperly to everyday stress (it's not like we have to fight off a saber-tooth tiger anymore). These physical responses to stress can manifest in all kinds of psychological abnormalities, including the ones you describe. Have you tried meditation or other relaxation techniques? Seems like Cabria gave you good advice on this one. A therapist with CBT experience would be my first choice. Although it doesn't help everyone (like Cabria mentions), it has helped me tremendously with stress/nervous/anxiety issues. It can also help with any feelings of being 'demented'. Best of luck.
    Harmonium 322 Replies
    • February 14, 2009
    • 07:18 PM
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