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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 30, 2007
  • 10:20 PM

I had a swollen lymphnode a few months ago and got online to try to research. It came up with HIV, lymphoma, hodgkins, and a few other BAD things. I went to the doctor who said it was just an infection, gave me some meds and sent me on my merry way. I took the meds and the swelling went away.

Problem is ... I keep checking for new lumps and bumps and have been basically obsessing about having a serious illness. I get online and look up symptoms, read about the disease, then read the other symptoms associated with it. For example, I read about HIV. Never in my life have I had night sweats, until I read about them. I had them for a few nights, then read about another symptom ... sure enough, I had that one! Its strange. I never have anything until I read about it. I will google any strange symptom. I cannot accept that a headache is just from stress or a runny nose from allergies. I have to look it up for myself and usually jump to the farest out conclusion rather than the most probable.

Am I a hypocondriac? Could this be OCD?

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  • I don't know as I would label you a Hypocondriac as I have known a couple in my life. They seem to have what ever they see someone else has. For instance, you run into them in a mall and tell them you suffered a heart attack recently, they will suddenly have heart pain. The next time you see them they will more than likely have beat your heart attack with 3 more aliments on top of that. LOL! :) If I were you I would just refrain from looking things up on google or whatever. Wait at least until you have a dx and then look up only the dx and not the symptoms. Symptoms can mimic so many things that it can drive you crazy. The internet has created a lot of us so called "symptom Hypocondriacs" . You are in good company.:)
    harleybear 8 Replies
    • October 1, 2007
    • 07:11 PM
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  • You can get a free blood test at your county health department. Get checked out so you can stop worrying. Unless you have a good insurance plan, I would take the advice of the last poster. You have too much time on your hands and maybe working two jobs would keep you healthier.
    Monsterlove 2921 Replies
    • October 14, 2007
    • 08:10 AM
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