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  • Posted By: carnivore
  • October 5, 2008
  • 03:44 PM

Well, I never actually thought about posting a thread in this particular forum, but I came across it and thought I may aswell...

It's not that this weirdness about me is actually bothering me, but it does leave me curious as to what MAY be the problem/cause/possible diagnosis.

I'm 20 years old, female.

For one, I'm certain of OCD, in the Impulse Control section of it. But the only thing about that is there are only 4 types of Impulse Control Disorder, and I don't really fit in to any of those categories; I get a really bad urge to do something, wether it means really going out of my way to do it, wether it means someone is gonna be annoyed or anything, the outcome of these impulses really doesn't matter to me because I feel stressed and anxious until I've completed the task, whatever task it is I set myself. It's not the typical ODCer, who likes to keep clean and things in alphabetical order, and do a routine one thing over and over a certain number of times.

I have trouble with concentration especially when people are talking to me. I tend to either just loose concentration or I just don't give any body launguage to the person talking to me because I feel like if I do, then they will keep on talking. People think I'm anti-social, I don't think that I am, I only like certain types of people. Anyway...I tend to go off in to my own little world quite a lot, like slip out of reality and make stuff up in my head without realising I'm doing it until someone snaps me out of it.

I tend to feel fuzzy, and my body feels really light and tingly, like I'm almost floating. It sorta feels euphoric in a way. (I don't take drugs just to make clear.) Other times, I imagine just tearing the insides out of people in blood/gore detail, even if they haven't done anything wrong to me.

Most people think I'm weird including friends and family. Everyone at school also thought I were weird. They think it's weird the way I look at them, even though I feel I'm looking at them it a completly normal sense. They all also seem to think that I look un-happy all the time, even though I feel completly okay.

I also think a lot, about everything, time, space, life, business, money, just everything you could think of. I dunno, maybe I just prefer my own mind, well, apart from the few select people who I do really get along with. I love my friends more than life it's self, and I really do love life alot. I dunno...I'm sort of a confused person, but really I'm not, which is sorta difficult to explain. There is probably a lot more, that I can't really think of at this moment. Any questions will be answered though if you'se have got any to gain a clearer insight?

If anyone says ADD or ADHD or anything like that, don't waste your time, cos if anything, I hate gaining attention.

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  • iI forgot to add a vital bit of information. I have no idea how I forgot to mention this in the thread above ^^^I tend to see lot of things out of the corner of my eye, like someone has just walked past me even if I'm on my own. And I tend to hear my name said a lot when no one is around which actually scares me. Sometimes it feels like I'm being touched when also there is noone or nothing there. I also hear footsteps quiet alot as well.
    carnivore 23 Replies
    • October 5, 2008
    • 04:01 PM
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