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HELP please! Bipolar, anxiety, PTSD?? I dont know!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 23, 2010
  • 04:26 AM

I am 21 years old and have struggled significantly my entire life. As a child I was a perfectionist, stubborn and a worrier. I kept to myself most of the time, partly because I was too nervous to talk to other people because I was too occupied with what they thought of me or if I would make a mistake. For the first ten years of my life I had few friends and was very shy in most social situations. Once I had a friend, I would smother them and not want them to leave. I was a pushover and let people walk all over me because I was too afraid of them leaving me and not having any friends again. I felt like I was never good enough unless I had perfect grades and pretended to understand everything even if I really didn't. I had anger issues and high anxiety as a child. I would throw temper tantrums over the word "no" or if one of my siblings got something that I wanted. I also liked to be in control. I worried about things that I shouldn't have been worrying about at my age. I would not sleep most nights and would "check" to see if my family members would be sleeping and alive and that a stranger didn't hurt them. I had irritability anger, attention, and concentration problems. It took me much longer to "get" things than other children I knew. I always felt different and always kept things to myself because I was embarassed that I didn't get things right away. I experienced multiple traumas beginning at the age of 13 and shortly after began to drink excessively. I experienced nightmares and innability to sleep due to thoughts that I could not put aside until the next day. Constant worries concerning school money, family, job, things I had to do, what if something happened, what would I do.. ect. It was very difficult for me to sleep without drinking and very difficult to function when I had ADHD symptoms and high anxiety. I was diagnosed with ADHD twice, once when I was 8 and once when I was 15. It was not until age 17 that I began to take meds. I was currently diagnosed with GAD and began to take wellbutrin and buspar for anxiety and sleep and was taken off ADHD meds. My doctor recently suggested that i had PTSD and that it may be the reason I began to drink excessively. I was wondering if any other explanation for my childhood or any insight could help me go on with my life. THANK YOU!

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  • The entire population of the world should be suffering from PTSD. Growing up is traumatic yo. Rolling with the punches seems perhaps optimal. But I prefer to let the punches roll me. I guess I roll *into* the punches. Occasionally I punch myself just so I feel part of a team. It's good to bond.
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  • Well, find a good psychiatrist and explain your symptoms, they'd be qualified for this sort of thing. I'm wondering if you have something like Autism or Asperger's Syndrome. Some of those symptoms you mentioned sound similar to mine (I have Autism). Bipolar disorder requires swings between depression and mania (kind of the opposite of depression where you feel euphoric, hence bipolar, but it can be very dangerous, even if it makes you feel great). You didn't mention anything about feeling really great and symptoms that are the opposite of depression, so I don't think you have Bipolar disorder.Anxiety would probably require major fear over something that is bothering you (this can turn up in depression). PTSD would probably be depression being triggered over recalling memories of an event in your past life that was traumatic.I experienced multiple traumas beginning at the age of 13 and shortly after began to drink excessively. I experienced nightmares and innability to sleep due to thoughts that I could not put aside until the next day. These two sentences alone lead me to agree with the doctor that said you have PTSD, especially if those thoughts are related to the multiple traumas you experienced.
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  • From your post there was nothing really there which made me think you had bipolar. One thing that is obvious to your issue is that you have some major anxiety issues. i too noticed a couple of things in your post which could indicate Asperger's but not enough to say that it is likely or not if you have it or if your issue is just anxiety. Ones with Asperger's are often perfectionists, ones with Asperger's are usually very stubborn as they are set in their ways and thirdly those with Asperger's are often in their heads.. racing thoughts and worries as they are constanty thinking. Hard to say if your social issues are just due to a social anxiety issue or Asperger's. Ones with Asperger's also often have trouble sleeping at night. i know a teen with Asperger's and he constantly checks on the wearabouts of his mother wanting to know where she is and what she is doing.. you checking on your family makes me think of him. A book i thought was great written by a world famous Aspergers specialist by the name of Tony Attwood is called "The complete guide to Asperger's Syndrome". Maybe your library could get a copy in for you to check out.
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