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Eating Binge Disorder

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 9, 2007
  • 09:26 PM

Hello, Folks-

I've done a little research on this subject on the 'Net and at my local library; maybe it hasn't been enough. I am extremely dissatisfied with the repeated lack of meaningful evaluation of MDs and Psychiatrists on the different cases of Binge Eating Disorder I have come across, and with hearing over and over again that they don't know what causes it. :confused: Although I myself don't possess a medical degree and can't "wow" any of you with a stream of technical jargon, I can think of a distinct possibility for the cause of this disease that these expert diagnosticians have apparently not examined.

But before I do that, I want to know if anyone else is in my camp, suffers from the same disease and has their own theories on what might cause it. Don't worry, not being a deity-like medical practitioner, I won't be smiling at you patiently and patting you on the head condescendingly before I change the subject and/or send you on your way. :rolleyes: I really want to know what you think! I am also open to any links to good sites regarding this disease, etc., but most of all I'd like experienced feedback on this if you have any to give.

I'll give it a few days, then I'll come back to see if we have any answers.

I'm Emmie, by the way; it's nice to meet you! :)

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  • The one thing I hate the most is when Medical Professionals who say this doesn't exist and that it is normal to binge eat.(They don't even give evidence to back it up either.)Did you try Medlineplus.gov or Pubmed Database(Search Binge Eating Disorder)?Ariana
    Pearl_Clover 4 Replies
    • February 9, 2007
    • 09:59 PM
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  • Hi Emmie, I'm Kylie and I'm 20. I have had an eating disorder for around three years now. I have periods were I am obsessively anorexic and then because my boyfriend makes me eat, I binge. I don't have the normal thinking patterns as those who aren't eating disordered. I never know when I am hungry, and I never know when I am full. Personally, I don't think binge eating is normal. Perhaps there are people who do binge eat and think nothing of what they are doing, but as I eat, I am extremely aware that what I am doing is making me depressed. I am not happy when I binge, I feel an incredible amount of guilt. I can't really empathise with someone who can binge and not feel upset or angry over what they have done. It all seems so black and white to me: eating is bad, not eating good. There are also times when I will be alone and will just feel powerless over my life and the extent of which I hate myself, and I will be consumed with thoughts of eating, and will not be able to stop. I stuff more food into my mouth to fill a void inside of me. This has nothing to do with hunger, it surpasses all neccessity, I am eating to punish myself. I feel worthless and a failure, so eating is the perfect way to hurt myself and prove to myself that I have no control. (In saying that, there are also times when I am so depressed that I find myself eating, choking on the food as it mixes with my tears. I choose food over cutting myself because at least I can hide the scars) Binge eating is an eating disorder, and with what I have experienced it can be just as devastating as anorexia, if not more shameful and tormenting. Like all eating disorders there isn't just one reason as to why someone develops it, despite what some shrinks may say. I don't think there is enough awareness of binge eating. I feel that binge eating is the same as cutting yourself, drinking alcohol or other types of self abuse. It can be a coping mechanism for greater problems in your life or it can be an addiction. Whatever the cause, I think that someone who binge eats as way to survive should never be made to feel digusting or 'out of control'. I am sorry you are going through this too. This is only my personal experience and I hope what I have said doesn't offend anyone. But I do know that there are an abundant amount of causes of binge eating disorder as well as other eating disorders. I have researched eating disorders for years trying to find answers, but so many texts are cliched. I never had a bad childhood, I was never sexually abused, and have a great family life. I do however experience chronic social and generalised anxiety and have depression. But many times, the 'professionals' have no idea what they are talking about, and I know that I would rather talk to someone who had no qualifications at all, but had the same expereinces as I do. I hope this makes sense. Kylie.
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  • Hi Emmie. I have often thought after many years of yo yo dieting,why do I do this to myself.I have looked for the answer for40 odd yr,sand can only come up with the answer ,that I am a weak depressed individual.bobus
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 19, 2007
    • 06:20 PM
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