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dont want to go to doctor and cant talk to anyone else

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 14, 2009
  • 04:38 AM

so basically im fat i dont go outside because i hate being in social situations infact id probably say im scared of social situations the only person i ever see is my dad because i live with him i only ever go out maybe once every 30days to put money in my bank to pay for WoW or maybe twice if i need to go to the shops and dad is at work or something, i havnt been going to school for a good 2 years i missed my yr9 SATs and yr11 GCSEs i cannot nor want to retake them therfore i have to future at all otherthan your tax money im incredibly lonely, hate myself, constantly contemplating suicide and really the only thing stopping me, no matter how stupid it sounds, is theres always a new game around the corner i can torrent and blow a few weeks away playing if im not playing on the computer im sad and generally depressed but i if i ever say anything to my dad he just says "dont be silly" or something to that effect and dismisses it, i was suspended from school because i threatened to bring a knife in and slit one of the teachers thoat and kill everyone then i just sorta didnt talk with school again and stoped going. what should i do? i know this is only a forum and iv never been here before but i want to at least say something to someone maybe im just missing a dumb vitamin or something because i have a terrible diet and thats why im sad

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  • I have had some help from vitamin D. It could be worth a try. Kiera
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  • Hmmm ... well ... your diet ... You need to cut out soda, and anything with lots of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial flavors like nutra sweet, splenda, sucralose, aspertame ... all that stuff will majorly mess up your health. Try just drinking apple juice, the kind with no extra sugar. Second, reduce your carbs - avoid breads, cakes, pasta, rice. Carbs turn into sugar and make you fat and simple cabrs like these break down to fast and give you a sugar spike and then crash. If you eat carbs they should be complex carbs, such as a baked or roasted potato. I'd also avoid dairy. It makes most people sluggish and groggy. You also need to exercise at least 3 times a week for at least 40 minutes. This will increase your endorphins, testonsterone, and metabolism, reduce your fat and make you feel more energetic and get deeper sleep. Get an exercise DVD you can do or something, or take 40 minutes walks. You also need to socialize more. This will release chemicals in your brain, that are too complex and sordid to go into, but they will make you feel better. If you hate everyone at school, you could go on craigslist and find some groups to join.
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