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Doing things wrong all the time

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 9, 2009
  • 02:46 PM

For the past 5-9months, I have been feeling tired and sleepy almost everyday all the time. I feel as if I have to sleep/rest an hour for every 2 active hours in order for me to maintain energetic, at least. My eye lids would otherwise be freaking heavy.

I have also been loosing concentration and often doing things wrongly at work. Worst, the things that I am doing wrong are so unforgiving that my bosses are so unhappy about me. For instance, there is this serial number of an item in the stores that I have to take down in the log book. It is a simple task. The number is 780546 and 780555. However, I could be stupid enough enter into the log book as 78546 and 78555, with a missing 0 in the numbers. Such similar mistakes have occurred more than 5 times in a month! There were also scenarios where I need to paste barcodes on the items and I pasted the wrong barcode on the wrong item.

I do notice that I often get very nervous when I am being rushed to do things quickly or I am being watched. I would get so nervous that I start to become clumsy, knocking into things around me when I move.

My boss is getting very unforgiving and is getting mean on me for all the mistakes I am making. This makes me feel even more stressful.

Apart from that, I also find myself having poor temporary memory. In one case, I was given a set of instruction through the phone. After I put down the phone, I told myself I will wash my cup before carrying out what I was told on the line. However, right after I was my cup, I would forget about what I wanted to do and I continued my normal job. There are other cases which I couldn't remember things well and often screwed up things at work.

Talking about instructions, I also often have a problem where say through the phone or whatsoever way, when I am verbally delegated with some instructions, I couldn't totally get the whole thing. I would only get the last few words said by my boss. I will need him to repeat a few times for me to slowly process it. But many times after processing the instruction, I will find myself forgetting them quickly. By the time I recall, things would either be too last minute or left undone.

In anyways, I have been screwing up things both at work and personal life. Even my girlfriend has started complaining that I am not talking much to her as I am often tired and sleepy. People seems to be loosing confidence in me.

Is there anything wrong in me which I need to look out for? My parents are worried when I told them about my present condition. Or I am just plainly unlucky these days?

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  • just wanted to say that you sound alot like me. :) and from my own experiences, this is what helped me- I think you need to remove yourself from the situation (get a good amount of time off from your job OR get a new job), so you can move on from this and not dwell on it. (your selfconfidence has been knocked and its stressing your body out)Come back and start fresh and don't jump right into the thick of it all just gradually work your way through your work, you'll be amazed how much sharper you are when your not stressed. Even if you are thinking that your not really stressed and that its just the mistakes that are making you second guess yourself, it is your stress that's making you make more mistakes and knocking your confidence even more and more. Stress also makes you feel fatigued and tired constantly.If you keep this up you may fall into depression AND you are probably creating other health problems for yourself. Good luck
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