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Does this symptom exist?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 16, 2006
  • 08:42 PM

I recently got social security disability, at 25 and I'm still trying to grasp whats going on with my mental health. :confused:
I really didnt have problems before, but recently a few people have been lying and making up stories to try to make me not take it(ssi&ssd) and at the same time convince me I'm crazy. Never been diagnosed with any kind of psychosis or anything, and before their lying nothing ever came up. I just got my papers, and am shocked to find things from my childhood that nobody ever told me about- apraxia, dysarthria, gerstmanns syndrome, and something about impramine(bear with me Ill get to my point). Now Ive always been very soft spoken, but never felt I was developmentally disabled-especially to this degree, and was always very good in school(when I wanted to be). On top of that I was drugged with a couple of different things last year that made me show psychosis like symptoms that lasted like 6 months- Im better now but was wondering if this is a symptom that even exists, as mental or medication side effect:
I personally dont see how I could be possibly having this symptom, but here it goes:
hypothetical situation: Someone says to me "do you want this red jacket to wear"
I say "no"
Instead of that person saying the red jacket part I say it, and then answer myself, even though I can conscietiously(sp) feel my lips closed and hear the other persons voice.
The reason I ask is- A-nobody ever acts like its a hallucenation while "its" happening.
B-because somehow these people always know exactly what Im supposedly hallucenating. (ie have you ever met anybody after they commit a crime and they tell you something detailed & obvious while they are saying they werent there?)
C-There isnt anything in the files about dimentia(which I think was their original plan) or schysophrenia.

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  • Hi Rain.As a mental health practitioner, I understand that you are scared -- as would be expected, right? However, before you jump to conclusions...I would suggest you write down the episodes you are experiencing as honestly and detailed as possible (include: time, date, what happened before/after, etc.)...and bring these entries to a general physician, before seeing a psychiatrist.For one thing, what you are experiencing might be physiological. Secondly, you may be experiencing hallucinations --which seems very aversive but in reality, many healthy, happy and productive people experience them . Without more information, I can't give you more information - - I wish you luck!
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    • January 8, 2007
    • 06:28 PM
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