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do you have trouble "seeing" the world around you?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 21, 2008
  • 10:22 PM

Hi there!

My question is: do you feel like you can't quite "focus" on the world around you? Like you're behind a plate of glass? Or in a fog?

I tried to describe this feeling to several doctors. I got a diagnosis for OCD, even though I have absolutely no compusions. Just an overactive brain.

My question to you is: Do you have this symptom I'm complaining of, and if so, what have you been diagnosed with?

Here are a couple ways I tried to explain this vision problem:

1. You know when you're on the phone and you're chatting away and you're also doing laundry, putting dishes away, etc? Well, you know how you're not really aware that you're doing the chores, because your mind is in the phone convo, then you hang up the phone and realize, hey I Just got all this work done...but I don't really remember it?!?!
It's like that for me all day long, regardless of if I'm on the phone. My brain is busy, while my body is doing the day to day things.

2. You know how when you stop using your computer, it switches off into sleep mode after awhile? Well, I feel like my brain is CONSTANTLY switching into sleep mode, where I day dream about anything and everything, even when I try SO HARD to keep it working on my task at hand.

3. I feel like I'm an eternal 2 year old, who can only do "parallel play" with her friends. I don't like to interact with people, but I like to be around them.

4. I have constant dialogue in my head, thoughts, conversation planning, scenario creating. I'm so "in my head" that I can't see the outside world.

5. I stare at my children and try to focus on them and really "see" them. But it's like my brain can't hold the focus. I constantly look at them and think, "I'm missing this."

Can anyone relate?

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  • Hi, I think I kinda relate to you. I 'space out' and it feels like I'm watching the world as if I was just invisible, everyone else seems to exist and move but your not quite with it. I went to the Dr's with it because it was concerning me, they diagnosed it as depersonalization. I'm not sure if what you are describing is how I feel but looking up depersonalization/disassociation may wield some answers. I hope this helps in someway x
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  • Yes.I believe that what you are feeling is the "human" in you. I don't know what led me to the great philosopher Alan Watts a couple months ago and his book "The insecurity of wisdom" but I will tell you it's what you are talking about.Living in the moment, experiencing life RIGHT NOW and AT THIS VERY INSTANT, has been conditioned out of us. Because we do not have constant threats like animals in nature, we do not have to be aware of the present. This allows us the luxury to constantly live in the past and in the future, but never in the present. The present is forever being missed.This is why some people who are sick and tired of rubbing up against glass, fly to Tibet and study Buddhism or other eastern religions. They thoroughly understand that the life they are living in cannot be the real world. There is no way that we are on earth so that we can perpetually miss the present. I believe the primary goal in meditation is to quiet the mind so that one can EXPERIENCE THE PRESENT.I experience great enjoyment reading about eastern religious battles. Mental battles like that of a Zen Master against a Buddhist Monk, or an Arhat against a high Chinese Philosopher. These battles are to see who lives in the present, who has a better understanding of NOW. I'm reading a book titled "Nothing to do, Nowhere to go" by Thich Nhat Hanh right now which has a lot of these battles.Good luck and remember, it's sooooo difficult to live in the "NOW" that it's called Enlightenment which is the ultimate goal in life. :)
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