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Derealization... I think.

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  • Posted By: kataklysmic
  • April 27, 2007
  • 11:52 PM

Since I was quite young, I've experienced what I think might be derealization. I fit all the symptoms (feeling detached from reality, like my life is a movie and it's not real, ect), but not the causes. It's not a chronic thing, and only happens one in awhile. It tends to happen most often in the evening, especially when I'm tired and around flashing lights (like at a concert or dance). It also happens a lot when I travel, but disappears near the end of the trip. For example, I went to Mexico for a week and felt this weird sense of detachment and unrealness for the first 3 or 4 days, then it just went away. It has never happened it my own home or in places I'm accustomed to. Typically, except for travelling, the feeling will go away after a few hours. Another strange thing that accompanies it is lack of feeling. I literally seem to partially loose my sense of touch, including the textures of food in my mouth and hot and cold. It's not like I can't feel at all, but like everything I touch is in a dream and doesn't register with my brain.

As for possible causes, trauma can be ruled out right away seeing as how most of the situations aren't exactly scary or threatning, and I've never faced major trauma in my life. Anxiety might be a possible cause, but I've had extreme panic and anxiety and derealization is never one of the symptoms. Unless it's some subconcious anxiety, I think I can rule that out too. Not enough sleep is possible but wouldn't account for all of the incidents, because there were many that happened during the day at times when I felt very awake.

Does anyone know what might be causing this, and what I can do when it happens? It used to scare me a bit, but now it just annoys me and I would do anything to get rid of it.

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  • I too feel detached from reality, it feels as if my my mind is outside my body, it's confusing and I think I need to see a doctor, you shouold too probably.
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  • Hi, please see what I tried to contribute at http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=14235 - I really think it is a natural progress that wants to happen, not an illness. (That is, after eliminating problems like low blood sugar etc.) Try to see what the problem can offer you? The eye that sees itself is blind. By getting out of your own way, no longer having your feelings and sensations, new things become possible. The trick with intuition (cool Uranus) is to let it rise without inspiration (confusing Neptune) rising as well. We can control when to have it, but should first try to gain if/when it comes by itself. No use being ordinary.
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  • Thanks for the idea, but I feel like this is a different kind of problem. Despite the fact that I posted this under the phychiatic category, it's not exactly that I'm mentally unable to conect with reality. It not an emotional problem, and like most neurological symptoms I'm sure it can be attributed to some sort of neurotrasmitter imbalance or something like that. I'm not a doctor though, and I really need a medical opinion. I agree that it's probably not an illness, but when you call it a "natural progress" I have to diagree. I'm sure there's a scientific medical explaination. I mean, everytime this happens I feel like I'm on drugs (which I'm not). The fact that I can't feel things properly when I touch them really makes me think this is a problem with brain synapses because I feel like my brain isn't processing things.
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  • This forum is mainly for people who have been wrongly diagnosed by the scientific/medical establishment - its not for people who have implicit faith in that establishment like you are professing. Such people can simple go to that establishment and place their fate in its loving hands. It makes no sense to post on a WRONGdiagnosis forum unless you've A) gotten a wrong diagnosis or B) know the system well enough to know that you would get a wrong diagnosis if you went to get one from "professionals" or C) can help someone who has gotten a wrongdiagnosis. All your "I'm sure there is a scientific medical reason" and "I'm not a doctor but I need a medical opinion" and "I'm sure its a neurotransmitter" stuff is all just you psyching yourself up to accept psychiatric drugging at some point. Why don't you save your breath here then and go off already to a psychiatrist? You'll be back here in a few years telling your story of how they screwed up your life just like the other 90% of the post-ers here testify. You seem to want to learn the hard way and to be almost a wannabe doc yourself. You really need to read a few more of the horror stories on this board about side effects, abuse my medical professionals, forced institutionalization, and so forth, instead of blindly professing such faith in a scientific establishment that 1) has never even agreed, remotely, within itself, about the nature of human consciousness and 2) has a centuries long history of ignoring or mischaracterizing phemoneon that doesn't fit into its paradigms and 3) has a HUGE financial interest in perpetuating the current models and practices of what is basically legitimized drug dealing.
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  • Sorry that I offended you, but I don't quite understand what you mean when you say, "its not for people who have implicit faith in that establishment like you are professing". I'm not professing faith in doctors, but I am leaning towards a medical, scientific answer. The reason I'm not going to a doctor is because I know as a fact that with the 3 hour clinic waits (at the least), it's just not worth it to hear him say that it's probably stress and I should get more sleep and eat better. That's what they always seem to say. And what's wrong with accepting pills at some point? I would take pills, so long as I was aware of the side effects and any risks of addiction. I don't really agree with the view that taking pills for neurological conditions is wrong. I'm not sure where you're from, but you're description of the medical industry encouraging drug use for financial reasons sounds like the United States. I live in Canada, and our health care system isn't privatized. Maybe that's part of the reason why I feel differently about this. For the record, I do have faith in science. I won't be changing my mind about that anytime soon. I realize that science can't answer everything, but neither can religion or meditation or any of these other sources of answers that people turn to. Humans aren't perfect. All I'm asking for is an opinion about what could be wrong with me and what might be causing it.
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  • Okay, so you don't have any faith in doctors, yes? And doctors are the primary representatives of the scientific and medical establishment, yes? But, you do want an answer that is "scientific" and "medical," but just not from the representative professionals of the scientific and medical establishment? But, you see nothing wrong with taking pills for your problem, even though those would be presrcribed by the same doctors and made by the same establishment? I think you are right not to trust doctors. I think all the rest of what you say doesn't make much sense in light of it though. Don't let me, or the dozens of real life horror stories on this forum prevent you from taking psychiatric drugs. Hey, if you think pills can fix your problem then fine. Go for them. Generally, people are on this forum to find alternatives to drugging. As for my description of the medical industry, you do realize it is the same corporations that run that industry across both borders, don't you? I mean, the corporate system is international, it does not stop at the toll booth on the border. You actually think that your medical system doesn't involve making profits for various manufacturers and people within it? Oh boy. Well I suppose everyone involved in the medical system in Canada is some sort of selfless saint with absolutely no self interest, financial motivation, or susceptibility to greed? Sorry, but just because you stamp "public" instead of "privatized" on your medical infrastructure does not mean it is not a business acting to profit various corporations, it simply means that those corporations sell directly to the gov't bureaucracy, which explains the 3 hour long wait at the clinics. As for your faith in science I think you need to start drawing a clear and hard distinction because science as 1) A truth-finding method vs 2) A social institution that claims legimitacy from following that method, but quite frequently contradicts its own values in order to gain financially, or gain social power, political mandates, and so forth. You sound like you do not believe your de-realization problem is truly a problem with your Consciousness, but rather you believe it is a perceptual illusion created by some chemical deficiency. (Either that or you believe that pills can alter not only the physical brain, but actual consciousness/the non-physical phenomenon of "the mind"). With that type of assumption in effect, what possible explanation would you accept BUT the one you already seem to be locked into? I suppose you want some doctor to log on here and give you the specific name of some chemical he thinks you lack? I don't see what else could possibly satisfy your request given the way you seem to define what is "scientific." I'll at least attempt to help you out and tell you that the de-realization symptom you describe is most commonly associated with Schizophrenia. However, the fact that you said it is often provoked by flashing lights could indicate that it is caused by some sort of seizures or brain injury, which means you could have epilepsy, or some condition similiar to it, perhaps micro-seizures, or maybe you had some seizures during sleep or during childhood which caused some brain injury. The main thing is that epileptic seizures are sometimes triggered by patterns of flashing lights, and during their attacks some of epileptics do report strange perceptions, such as feeling a connection with God, etc. The fact that you said it is often caused by flashing lights is really too big a coincedence to ignore. So the good news is that you probably are not schizophrenic or mentally ill, the bad news is that you might have epilepsy, or some more mild brain injury condition that is similiar to it. If it does not get worse I would try not to worry about it. If you do turn out to have something like epilepsy, they will most likely put you on a medication that dampens electrical activity, and thus seizure activity, in the brain. I would definitely avoid flashing lights if I were you.
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  • Firstly, thank you for the opinion on what might be wrong with me. I'll definately keep epilepsy in mind, athough it does not account for the derealization I experience when I travel. I have no history of brain injury or seizures that I know of, but like you said it's still possible. When I said I would like some medical adive, that's all I meant. Not chemical formulas or unpronouncable neurological terms, just an idea as to what might be causing my symptoms. So thanks for helping. I feel I should clear up some of the opinions I expressed in my last post. Firstly, it's not that I have lack of faith in doctors or don't trust them. I feel that although most doctors are qualified and willing to provide their patients with the best care possible, they are hindered by the massive amouts of people and limited time that comes with working in a clinic or emergency room. With the multitudes of people who come in seeking treatment, it's up to the doctor to determine the urgency of the situation. It's only natural that they might overlook something once in awhile, but whose to blame them? It's not so much that I hate docotors, but this problem that I have with derealization doesn't seem to be putting me in any immediate danger. I know that according to the triage system of medecine, long, rambling complaints about feeling detached aren't a high-ranking priority. The Canadian health care system is less then perfect, and I realize that financial motivation is still present. You made it sound like doctors would force pills on me only to promote the brand name and make some cash. Most drugs bought in Canada are paid for by the government, and have less (but still some) influence on the salary of the doctors then in the United States. If you thought I meant that Canada is free of financial motivation, you misunderstood. The socialist aspect of our system simply reduces it's impact on the citizens. I don't know where I said that I think of science as an institution, but this is completely untrue. Science includes institutions, but is not one in itself. I don't believe that derealization is an "illusion", but rather a physical problem in my head. I'm unsure what you mean by "a problem with your conciousness". Conciousness, as I know it, can be defined as a state of awareness and reasoning, created by the delicate balance of the things that allow our bodies to maintain life. The ability of one to precieve their environment is a result of constant information being sent to the brain via neurons, and the interpretation of this information so it can be formed into logic. As moral beings we have the ability to choose how to respond to various stimuli. To me, conciousness and "the physical brain", as you put it are one in the same. How can pills alter the non-physical phenomenon of the mind? I realize that we don't know everything about the human mind, but I wasn't aware that you could take something to affect a non-physical force. Pills that affect the brain (from pain killers to anti-depressants) affect neuron synapses and ionic charges. They don't directly change our thoughts or emotions, but rather prevent or increase the rate that stimuli are processed. In turn, we react differently to our environment.
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  • Okay - I have nothing to gain by telling you this (I'm on the other side of the world). Most doctors are not evil, merely human. Consider what most doctors believed through the ages - that the earth is flat, and whatever else the Church told them to believe. Progress depended upon the few who were innovative, and they were persecuted by the rest. Today the place of the Church has been taken by big business, who make sure there will be consistency to suit themselves. The doctor is just a reseller, and usually, so is the professor - in the past as well. In every post on this forum you can easily see an attitude / vibe / approach. If you take the book "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay, you can easily see how this attitude corresponds to every illness. Those with thyroid problems keep on saying "Nobody listens to me, nobody gives me a chance or takes me seriously." In your own posts, you are very formal and rational, scientific (the planet Uranus). You are clearly not at all foggy, innovative, heretical, magical, sentimental, weakly sensual, informal with all (the planet Neptune). So, make a truly scientific experiment: abandon your opinion for a month, add more "Neptune", and you will see what happens. You could also allow the "problem" to increase and benefit from that. Or you could learn a lesson with psychiatry (I have been through all of this myself.) What shall be, shall be.
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  • One more thing, you need to read these posts -http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showpost.php?p=42284&postcount=10http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showpost.php?p=42295&postcount=20http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showpost.php?p=42182&postcount=18 Remember to read these external pages (in full please): www.drcarley.com and http://members.aol.com/doctorrmosk/articles/hidden.htm - thank you.
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  • I wasn't the one who was against doctors... if that's what you were implying. Read my posts, and you'll see that it's quite the opposite. I just don't like going into clinics with the expectation of some extensive array of tests and treatments. I have a lot of respect for doctors because I know they worked hard to get where they are, and I can understand the pressure they're under each day to not make mistakes. And about that planet stuff... I was always a fan of Uranus more then Neptune anyway, because it's a lot more fun to say. I wasn't aware those planets had a deeper meaning aside from being big swirling balls of gas. I have no idea what you mean about people with thyroid problems, or how that relates to me at all. Thyroid problems are related to hormones (unless you meant goitre, but I don't think you did), are they not? I have no metabolic problems. I get enought iodine. My pituitary is working great. Plenty of thyroxine in my blood. The idea of abandoning an opinion is ridiculous: Opinions make me who I am. They can't be tossed aside. It's like forgetting who you are.
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  • Exactly: my posts are in Neptune mode, and you don't at all understand them, whereas many others do. Then I can't help you - I'm sorry to have wasted your time.
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  • One more thing, you need to read these posts -http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showpost.php?p=42284&postcount=10http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showpost.php?p=42295&postcount=20http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showpost.php?p=42182&postcount=18 Remember to read these external pages (in full please): www.drcarley.com and http://members.aol.com/doctorrmosk/articles/hidden.htm - thank you. All of those links appeared to have something to do with vaccines. Was there a deeper meaning that I somehow overlooked? The last vaccine I had was for meningitis, and that was about 5 or 6 years ago. I read the websites and posts, but I couldn't find a correlation to my symtoms of derealization.
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