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  • April 30, 2008
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Last year I took an overdose and have since been recieving treatment for depression but things have got a lot worse recently. My sleep has deteriorated even more my legs are restless or my mind is racing so I am exhausted most of the time. Sometimes I feel so bad I can't/wont physically move its like i'm paralysed. Can someone please give me some answers or suggest what the cause of this might be.

Many Thanks

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  • HiNot sure how much help I can be when it comes to the medical side of this, but just wanted to let you know that i used to have some of the same symtoms. I couldnt sleep at all, and spent nearly 4 months just led on the floor staring at a wall (except for getting up to eat of course)- same as you i couldnt/wouldnt physically move.It could be a relapse of your depression - just in a different form. Personally, I just remember that it cant get any worse, and that there is still a point in living even if it doesnt feel like it at the time. When you say treatment, do you mean medication? Medicines can sometimes make it worse after a while, but definately dont stop taking them without speaking to your doctor.Hope that helps a bit!
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  • XI really feel for you.... I KNOW what you are going through. I am BiPolar, and can tell you right now you are not alone. After being off of my cocktail of meds for many months, 2 weeks ago I "fractured" (my term for cycling) I had thought I had been ok for the months I was off the meds. I knew better though, and had my worst break in my life. I have been BiPolar for many years, and I know the disease inside and out. Not being on meds is DANGEROUS!!!! I am not saying you are BiPolar, but you might want to bring up your symptoms with your doctor. BiPolars can start their life of ***l with bouts of depression, which is what happened to me as a teen. Over the years it came to full blown BiPolar disorder. The restless legs can be a result of your meds. I dont know which one of mine does it to me, but when I am on all 5 of my meds, my legs drive me crazy!!!!! The not sleeping, well I am at that point right now. I HATE the night. I just lay there and my Brain goes NUTS!!!!! It will not shut up. I get these grand ideas that I obsess over. I mean it is literally ***l for me. Right now my primary care doc has me on an antidepressant only. She is not comfortable messing with all of the meds I need to be on because there are SO many. I was put on the antidepressant because when I fractured I went super depressed. I ended up in the er because I KNEW I would kill myself if I didnt do something. So the antidepressant has pulled me up, but now I am mixed and rapid cycling. So I feel BOTH some of the highs and lows of the disease at the same time. I cant sleep, my thoughts race, but I still have NO will to live, NO emotions, all the sad stuff too. Its very hard to go through this. I cant see a mental health doc untill August, so I will have to suffer through.PLEASE go to your doctor, tell them what is going on. THERE IS HELP and most important HOPE!!! I know it might be hard to see right now, but I have been through this enough to know for a fact that with help it DOES GET BETTER!!!! It may mean a med change, or more meds, but it will help. Good Luck....God Bless
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  • Thanks =) I told my Dr and they changed my medication and my diagnosis...now apparently I have BiPolar and I'm on an anti-psychotic with an anti-depressant. It seems to be going ok but I'm not convinced. I still get these horrible days were I can't move and I still get restless legs sometimes within two or three days of each other. I don't know whats going on but at least now the Dr's are listening.Thanks xx
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