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Constant Panic!!!

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  • Posted By: Very_Concerned
  • April 13, 2007
  • 08:13 AM

I was just wondering about my current symptoms and was hoping to get an opinion. I often feel very anxious and constantly feel the need to worry about something. I wake up in the middle of the night (like I did today) with cold sweats and completely panicked and anxious and not sure why until I find a reason to start freaking out. I am in panic mode all the time as I forget things which lead to mistakes at work (eg: typos because I don't see them, information that is missing for a particular project and doesn't seem apparent to me at the time). I feel light headed at times and have experienced severe headaches daily for the last 2.5 weeks that are almost blinding. I feel frustrated and angry all the time and i feel like I am fighting with myself to keep a positive attitude but it's getting exhausting. I have a short fuse and loose patience with people easily. I have severe mood swings as well (not fun) I realize (in the process) how I am behaving but I feel powerless to control it I just get so frustrated. I don't know what else to do, I can't seem to control this over whelming feeling of fear and dread. iI am not sure if the problem is mental or physical but I figured I would start here. Can someone offer some opinions? It would be very appreciated.

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  • There are many angles to this. Anxiety is an "instead of" thing, usually to avoid the specific, individual interest for which we were born. Our inner world consists of awareness - thoughts, emotions, preferences, vague notions etc. We can be more aware of our awareness. See if you can discover the trigger? Then, instead of anxiety you might make a plan, to give your soul what it wants. We get anxiety when we dismiss the archtypal thing we truly want (our main interest) thinking that it can never work. But it costs nothing to look what it is.Another angle is that we are heading towards a violent polar shift, with apocalyptic earth changes, and soon. This only happens every 3657 years - the last one was in the time of Moses. So today our reference points are no longer continuous, the future seems totally uncertain. Subconsciously we all know, and so we catch anxiety and distraction from each other. At times you may feel it blowing over you like a cloud, from others, uncalled for and out of character.Whatever else you do about it, also (please) decide that somebody has to remain sane. Look at the panic almost as an external inconvenience, and try to offer humble serenity to all. Others too will increasingly show panic. Whatever happens next in the world, try to have a sense both of patience and adventure. Things are happening as they should, but sanity will soon be based on choice - there will be no other basis for it.If possible, try to be up at night and sleep by day (for a week or so) and keep busy. Also make time for yourself. If you have a good hi-fi (only then) try to get this CD: Erato Emeraude WE807ZS / 2292-45339-2. It contains music by Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643-1704) made for Louis the 14th, for the funeral of his wife, queen Marie-Therese. Conductor is Louis Devos. Pay attention until you've almost memorised it. Then perform parts of it in your mind, through the day. Few other CD's are this well tuned to do the trick, given these times.If you do go to doctors, let them check for asthma, often mistaken for adrenalin over-production. Be sure to get a second and third opinion before you take pills.
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  • Thanks so much for your input, I appreciate everything mentioned. I guess my next step would probably be making the time for myself to try and mediate and relax in order to gain clarity (The challenge of the century). I need to try and figure out why I am going through this, what the real cause is to my anxiety and panic attacks. Thanks for the music suggestion, I will definitely pick up a copy. I would however appreciate if you could elaborate on a point you mentioned: "Pay attention until you've almost memorised it. Then perform parts of it in your mind, through the day." I am not quite sure I fully understand. Am I to do this at times when I feel panic start to kick in order to calm me? Or just do so randomly through the day even if I am not having an anxiety attack? Please kindly clarify, thanks!
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  • Sorry, never time to write well .. You know when a tune gets stuck in your mind? It can play in the back of one's head, whatever else one has to be doing at the same time. This specific Charpentier is a grand CD with many tunes, but ultimately easy, with pace techniques that affect breathing. The music has to be related to the mood, but ritualizing it into abundance, so all sides become one, comprehensible unit.At first one responds emotionally, but soon it becomes like those ritual prayers of old. Repeating the prayers made people remember their heritage among strangers. In the same way, I continually remember my sanity by performing bits of music in my head. If you ever had a serious flu or something, you may have found that a certain piece of music helped as a mantra. When crying does happen, one should try to play the actual CD again, blending into the music, and to refresh it in memory. But unless it is of perfect quality in every way, it will at the critical time just irritate you instead of helping.This is also why glossy mags help (often found at shrinks and dentists), as well as a good perfume, and (dangerous) a small glass of good Port, or Sangria from Spain. And if you ever sat at the bottom of a loud waterfall, a few minutes recreating that tends to work. Good books for emotional emergencies include Eckhart Tolle: "The Power of Now", ISBN 0340733500 (Hodder & Stoughton). And "A Course In Miracles (ACIM)" - bookshops know it well. Always keep them about and read just any bit, until the issues move on.I want to refer someone else over here, so I need to add as follows: Often meditation aims to discard the whole contents of the mind. This is no good. We should rather use the trash in the mind to create something. Here in South Africa, many have to build shacks to live in - same thing. Sometimes people discover that the personality is quite flimsy, and that other versions can come and go. In fact every minute there is a new one, but we don't notice. And, all our perceptions and thoughts are illusions. In truth, we don't really know anything. We are clever (invented the wheel etc) but the greatest minds will tell you - we know nothing.All this can be useful. We should use our minds, not let our minds use us. There is in fact a constant self behind all the masks. It consists of a unique tendency / curiosity / interest / inclination / acorn / genius / daemon. Once you notice this, you will also see that it stays the same, whatever the personality. Then you can use this main interest to create whatever personality, mood and thoughts you like. Just as you would buy clothes you like. You can then also use this main interest to create a better job, more in line with your interest.Thoughts are like optional snacks, only free. The better tasting ones create energy for you and are not fattening. So why have boring ones that you don't like, that frighten you or put you down? All our opinions are equally unimportant, so we might as well have the thoughts that benefit us. They will create life for you the more they are based around your own unique inclination. Once you've stopped believing and caring for all opinions, all that will be left is that inclination. Insanity is hard work and benefits nobody. Remember in looking for your inclination, to not just reduce it to logical thought, as it is a living thing. Natal astrology and cheirology (pro hand reading) can help you find it - although it's not hidden.Plato already wrote about the genius in 360 before *****t: "All the souls had now chosen their lives, and they went in the order of their choice to Lachesis, who sent with them the genius whom they had severally chosen, to be the guardian of their lives and the fulfiller of the choice: this genius led the souls first to Clotho, and drew them within the revolution of the spindle impelled by her hand, thus ratifying the destiny of each; the genius then carried them to Atropos, who spun the threads and made them irreversible, whence without turning round they passed beneath the throne of Necessity; and they marched on to the plain of Forgetfulness; and then they encamped by the river of Unmindfulness; and then they were driven to their birth, like stars shooting."Vedas (Brihadaranyaka IV.4.5): "We are what our deep, driving desire is. As our deep, driving desire is, so is our will. As our will is, so is our deed. As our deed is, so is our destiny." Lord Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita: "It is better to do one's own duty , even though it be devoid of excellence, than to perform another's duty well. It is better to perish in the performance of one's own duty. The duty of another is full of danger."Lord *****t, in the (rejected) Gospel of Thomas: "If you bring forth what is inside you, what you bring forth will save you. If you don't bring forth what is inside you, what you don't bring forth will destroy you."Meister Eckhart: "The Scriptures say of human beings that there is an outward man and along with him an inner man. The Scripture speaks of the outward man as the old man, the earthy person, the enemy, the servant. Within us all is the other person, whom the Scripture calls the new man, the heavenly man, the young person, the friend, the aristocrat."Khalil Gibran: "Man is two men - one is awake in darkness, the other is asleep in light."Rev. Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Belief consists in accepting the affirmations of the soul; Unbelief in denying them."Hui Neng: "The only difference between the Buddha and the ordinary man is that one realizes his freedom and the other one does not."You may also want to read my offering athttp://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=12803
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