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Confused am I depressed/constipated whats wrong?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 9, 2007
  • 09:40 PM

I am 27 year old,unmarried and working professional. I have been avoiding interacting with people right from childhood. Fatigue, constipation have been part of my life but still I have been pushing myself hard to achieve things in life in which I have been successful. If I exercise very lightly for half an hour a day for four days,I feel very tired for next two weeks and my constipation increases,though get some relief from lack of concentration the days I am exercising. I like being alone from childhood. I do not make many friends, I have developed a attitude of not caring about people just avoid them. In my company if I have to grow I must have to have a good communication and interaction with people around which is frustating me enough to hate myself. The worst part is that I am feel shy of girls which makes me stay away from them and my this behaviour is wonder for some girls I have come across.

Need your help here. Is I am depressed? I do not know because I do not feel emotionally upset. I do not have suicidal thinkings. I have a very good reasoning power but I am very very poor in making even small decisions.

Please share your experiences and help me with your views on my problem. I have not enjoyed my life till today. I want to live life happily and with lots of enthusiasm. I want to achieve great things in my life but I feel emotionless sometimes.. ...I am very very confused, I do not know what to do. I can not think clear.

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  • Depressed, no. It may be what they call Avoidant Personality Disorder. Try these links?www.avoidantpersonality.com/stories/p1/?sidemenuwww.tljones.co.uk/apd/apd.htmhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avoidant_personality_disorderTired and constipated - usually that is because there is no effective give and take of energies between you and nature, or between you and other people. Energy exchanges can be felt instantly by people when they meet, and are even visible to psychics. It looks like feelers going out and touching. To be honest, this is impossible to fake, and difficult to learn. So why do stupid people have it, and not you? Well, if a small child is too intelligent, the logical reaction is to give up on many things, perhaps even to feel worthless. From there on it gets worse over time. Try not to believe the world that you see through the glasses of a "personality disorder", because it is not the real you.Please note the years of about 27 to 30 are called the "Saturn Return" and are difficult. This is when Saturn has again come around to its natal position on your astrology chart. But I can say with certainty that benefits can come from your situation. Nothing is coincidence, and our incarnating souls are very, very clever. There had to be something to gain in choosing your life, even more significant than the problems. Work on it yes - but you may also have to be patient.One thing to try - find a pro body massage place, and have one every week. Study your reactions. If you like it, admit it. If not, why not? Those who do pro body massage are altogether, almost "politically" in favour of it, and have it done on themselves as well. Perhaps there are two sides, your view and theirs. Do you want all people to be like you? Perhaps you will sense a duty to join them, and give in to their way of being in the world. Also, learn how to do massage - then you have something to offer the next girlfriend. It is sad what girls have to be satisfied with in boyfriends, you can easily be one of the best.
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  • tired and constipated could mean hypothyroidism, which would also produce some symptoms of depression. some of the things you mention are hallmark symptoms of depression (disinterest in pleasurable activities and those around you, for e.g.). But you can get depressive symptoms from a thyroid imbalance. I'd have that checked out. Also, try taking fish oil capsules. They help a lot of people with mood symptoms and even constipation. And see your doctor!
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  • It may be Vitamin B12 deficiency. Please www.google.com for: Could It Be B12? An Epidemic Of Misdiagnosis - there are references to these forums as well (the writer of the book herself).
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  • First of all, your symptoms are too numerous and diverse to be accounted for by clinical depression. They don't all fit it very well either. Therefore, I do not believe you are Depressed, or if you are it is not the cause of the problems but just a side symptom. The other post-er was right that fatigue, constipation, and lack of affect (flat emotions) are symptoms of low thyroid hormone. It does not seem to me that that is the whole story with you, though, because you have a lot of other symptoms. In particular, the exercising lightly 4 times a week should increase your energy and metabolism, rather than make you feel tired for 2 weeks after as you say. Even low thyroid would not explain this, as "light" exercise would more likely help than hurt. This tiredness symptom is probably caused by your diet, it could be anemia, or some other deficiency of a nutrient or vitamin. I am guessing by your tone and emotional flatness that your diet is very repetitive and routine? That would do it. Now, as far as your major symptoms, like being lifelong anti-social, no interest in communication, shyness, and so forth, these cannot be accounted for solely by low thyroid. I would guess that you have a personality disorder, in addition to the thyroid problem. I would guess that your personality disorder could be summed up as SLIGHTLY autistic and SLIGHTLY schizoid. I am NOT saying you have either full blown clinical disorder, I just think you have the tendencies. I have known people with similiar personalities to what you describe. Let me ask you this ... do you have a large "startle response?" Like, if someone surprises you, say starts talking to you right out of the blue, do you get real surprised, maybe gasp a little or jolt back ??? I am not saying that you should embrace your personality disorder, even if you have one, I think there is still hope. It is just a process of becoming fully conscious of your tendencies, defining ways to slowly change them (the same ways you'd break an addiction to anything else), and generally fighting against them and learning to compensate for them. Also, affirming to yourself what kind of life you want and why it is good and valuable to srruggle to overcome your natural tendencies. Also, schizoid tendencies attack the Will of the person sufferring from them - you really need to resist this inside your head, strengthen your will with little exercises and affirmation, for example if you find you are using your clever thoughts to spport the idea of apathy, reverse that, don't just go with it, or you'll end up losing your job, wandering the streets, spacing out, etc. I knew someone with a lot of the same symptoms you have and she now manages to live a productive lifestyle, has a steady job and even got a bunch of new friends.
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