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Confused About EVERYTHING

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  • Posted By: Solidess
  • June 1, 2008
  • 03:27 AM

Ok so im going doctors alot unfortunalty they are taking ages to get me help, i have manged to narrow down my symptoms to 3 seperate diorders kleptomania, Bordaline Personality Disorders and bipolar. i came to these conclusions by reading up on all of the disorders i wrote it all down and took it to my doctor he said that he was impressed and i could be wright. This seems to be one of the few internet sites that actually have people who know what there talking about answering question wether its through there own exsperiances or training so here is a short list of my symptoms-

Oppsessive stealing with extreme pleasure before and after the theft (EXTREME PLEASURE)
I feel like stealing is the only thing that makes me happy
I feel i need to steal more
Voice it sounds like me and i cant sut it up but i feel like its not me and that its the boss
Cutting when i dont steal i feel like i have betrayed the voice in my head so to make it up to him i cut ALOT (unalbe to take of my hoodet or roll up my sleves)
Mood swings between sucidal deppression and irratable happeyness
Considering sucide but then am unable to commit due to mood swinging
Phyiscal strength changes depending on the mood
Loss in sleep (when in a high mood i dont need it)
Unable to get out of bed (it takes me 2 hours after i wake up beacuse i have a hard time finding reasons and i genraly lack the pysical strength depending on the mood)
Anger once again depending on the mood somtimes for the ***l of it or because people keep ******g me off
Difficulty concentrating on anything depending on the mood
Irratable Depending on the mood
Loss in emotion
Dont feel love
Unable to care about others to the point were i maniplate everybody including friends and family
Feel that those around me are deserving of the manipualtion and abuse
Obbsessive Complusions
Fantisy lifes in my head
I am unable to tell right from wrong and so i usally end up doing both
Feel i dont fit anywere due to my lack of feelings for other people
Lieing to everyone about my real personality
Taking or borrowing money from freinds and family then skimming the dept to the point were they cant be botherd asking me anymore so they lieave me alone then i usally end up taking more money and feeling nothing

I think that covers it, alot of these symptoms maybe common or different i would just like to know if anybody else is going through this and if so is there a way of making it stop also if these symptoms are simalier to any specific disorders including the ones above i would actualy like to care about others for once instead of wondering were the wallets are:(

(Please dont leave comments saying Just wait for your doctor to get back to you beacause im currently thinking about suicde and my doctors is SLOW)

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  • Hi, I am very sorry you are confused and unhappy. One thing I can contribute is to plead with you to go to a crisis center or a hospital if you are thinking suicide. Please, please committ yourself!!
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  • As you have mentioned suicidal thoughts, voices, and anger -I would recommend that you go to a psychiatrist or emergency department of a hospital and explain - I am very worried about you. I know about those voices - it happened to my mother (and I know how those voices can get out of control).And I lost my brother, as a young and intelligent man, to suicide - but I know that he could have been helped if he had gone for help. (maybe he was also hearing voices?) Please, Please - go for help NOW - and get some help with these very serious problems. I have found a link for people who feel suicidal. I personally have not made contact with The Samaritans, but it could be helpful as a resource and contact: http://www.metanoia.org/suicide/samaritans.htm And another possibility is http://www.sprc.org/stateinformation/indexx.aspand they provide information about help in all the locations, just type in your state. The Samaritans have worldwide Befrienders.And there is Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (I hope it is still in effect) There is also maybe 1-800-SUICIDE in the USAor for teenagers: 1-800-999-9999 (but I haven't tried these phone numbers - just that I know of them from a very very reliable source - so I hope that they are still there for people).
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  • The problem is when i feel sucidal i dont commit because by the time i get round to it my mood has changed and it keeps getting really confusingi while ago i was in contact with "The Samaritans" and at first they were helpful but then they just stopped sending me messages all of a sudden. thank you for the support ive written those number down and of got them on speed dial on my cellphone, i m going to the doctors again this week maybe he would have finally gotten round to me...:(
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