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bipolar help!!!!

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  • Posted By: inotwakko
  • January 23, 2007
  • 02:59 PM

I have Bipolar and adhd i have been on 19 different medications over the past year nothing is helping me. The meds either dont work, i am allergic or i get very angry and adjitated or smash everything in my house. Can anyone help me?? I cant live like this anymore and my kids either.:( :( :(

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  • I am Bipolar/manic depressive, have OCD, anxiety and panick attacks. First of all, it took a few years to get diagnosed. I went to 2 MD.'s 1 therapist and 7 psychiatrists. They had done a multitude of testing on me. Unfortunetly, it took a good 4 years to get me on the right goup of meds to help me. Sorry to say but it is alll trial and error. What works for me may do nothing for you. My daily cocktails is EFFEXOR 300MG, XANAX 3 X'S A DAY, THORIZINE 100MG, LITHIUM 200 MG. Before these meds, for a year, I was content on SEROQUEL 800mg, GEODON, LAMICTAL. I have tried alot RISPERDAL, TOPAMAX, KLONOPIN, ATIVAN, ect. And what really stinks is you keep switching med and have to wait like 6- 8 weeks to see if it works and if it doesn't, start all over again. Trust me, I feel your frustration. Do you see a therapist? That helped me alot on my journey. Hang in there and I hope you find the right "cocktail" soon. Take care!
    miserableMOE 52 Replies
    • January 23, 2007
    • 06:12 PM
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  • Dear misrablemoe, I have been seeing several different phyciatrist's for over 19 years and i have bipoal/manic,depression,anxiaty,adhd and learning difficulties. Here is a list of different meds i have tried and none of them i can take because of side effects or dont work at all even in combinations.And this is why i am so fusterated.effexor,geodon,prozac,paxcil,topamax,risperal,seroquil,xanax,lithium,celexa,lexapro,zoloft,gabapentin,alprazolam,wellbutrin,norntin.busparon,buspar,clanazaphan and clomipram.Please note that i have tried 19 of these meds just over 13 months.There are more but i cant remember all of them too many to keep track of.
    inotwakko 6 Replies
    • January 24, 2007
    • 02:23 PM
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  • this may not apply, but are you sure you werent misdiagnosed altogether? fact is, in certain situations, having a sleep issue underlying can cause some of the SAME SYMPTOMS as bipolar.....like mood problems, making decisions that are questionable. also, speaking of a sleep issue. losing sleep can be a symptom of bipolar--you may need to look back & think about WHY you were losng sleep. with a REAL bipolar, when losing sleep is a symptom of theirs it occurs because "they just cant help but lose sleep", NOT because "they CHOSE to lose sleep". i mention this because, in my case, i was told i was bipolar because "i CHOSE to lose sleep"--if i had been a REAL bipolar, it wouldve occurred because "i couldnt help it" rather than "making a CHOICE to do it"--theres a difference, & thats the point. or, to put it a better way, a REAL bipolar cant simply *make their illness STOP by *CHOSING* not to lose sleep anymore"!!!! a REAL bipolar CANT just *stop* their symptoms like that! (so, needless to say, their pills never worked for me!) i dont know the specifics of your case...but you may want to re-check HOW COME they thought you were bipolar & then think back to what you were doing to see if you were "losing sleep" in some form. if their diagnosis resulted from anything at that time which involved "losing sleep", this COULD BE WHY your pills wont work. fact is, there are NO PILLS for the symptoms that come from "losing sleep". if you find that you were losing sleep back then, heres a good link to a website that can assist you further on "sleep education" & getting symptoms from it:http://sleepinformationfacts.ebloggy.com
    dudbubbin1 37 Replies
    • January 25, 2007
    • 01:52 AM
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  • no i do not have any sleeping problems so that cant be it. I sleep very well 7 to 9 hours a night with out waking up.
    inotwakko 6 Replies
    • January 30, 2007
    • 02:12 PM
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