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  • Posted By: bunbrain
  • March 5, 2007
  • 04:38 AM

i'm a female high school junior and i have had rapid hardcore mood swings since i was very young. one second i'll be so excited that i can't stop talking or control the volume of my voice or the thoughts that zoom through my head, and the next second i'm so sad or irritated that i can hardly move and i don't want anyone to talk to me. i randomly hit people when i get excited (i don't even know that i do it, but people tell me about it later), and my "mood swings" are getting in the way of relationships! nothing instigates these swings, and i think they are beyond "teen angst," or whatever, so what's up? how can i think normally?

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  • Only a doctor can tell you if you are bi-polar but it does sound like you should look into it. Have you spoken to anyone about this? Have you talked to your parents? Your mood swings do seem extreem but without seeing a doctor it is impossible to know what the cause is. If you find it difficlt to talk to your family you might consider talking to your school councelor. Good luck.
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  • If you do talk to your parents about this, and they chose to ignore it, and you feel it is something a doctor should hear you, then be heard! Speak out, don't keep it all in, let it out!
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  • First of all, every teenager has mood swings.. Especially females who have cycles of hormones.. It is know that Estrogen cycles can cause symptoms of bipolar.. Second of all being someone diagnosed with bipolar, you can manage symptoms without medication.. All they will do if you are bipolar is medicate you.. I disagree with medication in general though you may feel it's necessary and choose to take it. Only take it if you are comfortable with the risks, you should make sure you have completely researched any drug you take before using it.. I am prescibed Lamictal which my father is trying to force me to take and I am not comfortable with it.. Never let anyone make you take something just because they don't want to deal with your ups and downs, if you are not comfortable taking a medication. As long as you don't want to harm others or yourself I think you are a perfectly normal teenager. If you do have Bipolar moments then know this: many successful people have been diagnosed with Bipolar and chosen not to be medicated because it was more benificial to them. Mania can cause extreme creativity. Charles Dickens, Carrie Fisher, Jimi Hendrix, Ernest Hemmingway all had Bipolar. Jimi Hendrix even wrote a song called "Manic Depression". Isaac Newton is even suspected to have had Bipolar disorder. They all added something unique and great to the world. The list of famous people with bipolar is very long. Many people refuse medication on the grounds that it takes away their creativity. As an artist myself I will not accept anything that may ruin my art or put my life at risk. I hope you seriously think before taking medication.. You can manage Bipolar and live a fullfilling life.. and people who care about will understand your situation and if they don't then they are not true friends. I wish you the best of luck, please know that anyone who Loves you truly will except you with all your flaws as well as your gifts.
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  • Thank you Darkgift for that post. It sure needs saying! Bunbrain hi - some quick notes: I scored through being "bipolar" as our late apartheid regime's conscription army soon kicked me out. Yes it can be a real problem if for example, you give away all your money while on a high, and then regret it afterwards. Certain pills work, but one forgets to take them, and they do mean the end of any psychological progress, any growth. Best by far is to train ourselves in how to keep a hold of the tiger's tail. My way is with music. You know when a tune gets stuck in your mind? It can even play in the back of one's mind, whatever else one has to be doing at the same time. Trick is to memorize a couple of sad and sober songs, then play them "in your head" whenever the mood is not neutral enough. Or play the actual CD of course. The music has to be very down to earth, sane yet special. Try to get the (old) CD "Summer Dream" by Sweet People, with Alain Morisod, MMTCD1611. You need to find a way of being "normal" that is attractive to you, then you will be it. Sanity is the real magic, the world needs it. But don't look to "sane people" for that. If you have doves outside, listen to their singing. Or if you have ever been at the bottom of a loud waterfall, spend a few minutes recreating that. Again, don't let people spoil it for you - Hitler also claimed to love nature. Meanwhile he just imposed on nature. Look and listen anew to nature outside, how sane it is. Then try to apply (as a human) what the doves, horses, trees, clouds, stars etc, are like. Pagans and Native peoples want to live the natural way. It can be seen from these prayers of USA Indians:
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  • Also please see this thread: http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=14607:D
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  • Learn to cope using your own will. Ride the triumphant waves of excitement and enjoy them for what they are. Learn to enjoy the gloomy thunderclouds of the down times to - they tell you're still a serious human being. Your problem is not one of passion one way or the other, it is simply learning to control both swings of the pendelum. Would you rather have completely flat moods and be numb? The only thing wrong with you is that you want to be "normal." I'm sure some people will tell you you need to "talk to someone about it" or "get help." Bull****. Young girls are at a huge risk if they get stuck in the "mental health" system. You basically have no rights in it. God help you if some "professional" convinces one of your parents that some drug will "help" you. EVen nice parents do some questionable thigns when they think a nice little pill might make their darling "straighten up" and become a doctor or a lawyer some day etc. But anyway, yeah you problably have manic-depressive tendencies. But so what? Its not a mental problem just cuz your boyfriend doesn't like it. I think if you got into psychiatric drugs or some form of "counseling" it would be even worse and cause more problem than the swings. Just practice controlling your swings so you don't kill yourself or run off to loss vegas and you'll be fine.
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  • If you want an all natural way to help feel better then you should try Omega-3. I have been using this and I feel better then ever. It is well documented that Omega-3 has been successful in treating bipolar. Also establish regular sleeping patterns. This has been proven to alleviate symptoms. Sleep deprivation can lead to mania, and too much sleep can lead to depression. The light cycle has been shown to be the method by which Lithium works to treat bipolar. Therefore once the sun goes down you should have no bright light, especially blue light (the light that is emmited by tv and computers). I take melotonin and B vitamins as well, which are known to help brain function and help eliminate anxiety. On top this if you feel angry or frustrated alot then you may need more folic acid. I like to also take extra amino acids. Tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin and melotonin. So when depressed eating turkey may help or if you are vegetarian they have supplements. Excersise is extremely important, and I don't mean over the top, I mean moderate. If you go over the top then cortisol levels increase which induces a stress response and as we know stress can triggar mania/hypomania or depression. Moderate exercise will help to balance the brain and will induce neurogenesis (nueral growth from adult stem cells). Sunlight in the morning will also help, so when you wake try to get some sun light (this will increase serotonin and help regulate Dopamine. Eating only whole wheat is important because white carbohydrates are quickly digested and will peak serotonin levels which could lead to hypomania/mania where as the body will slowly digest wheat and will keep you at a good level. The things I mentioned above help to regulate serotonin and dopamine levels, which are the main neurotransmitters responsible for mood. Doing things like meditation, yoga, and message therapy will help eliminate stress and keep you feeling healthy even if you start on a low. And green tea is a definate help for relieving stress because it has some chemicals in it that increase GABA. GABA regulates neural activity in the brain. It is the chemical responsible for stopping the brain from overfiring. This is the neurotransmitter that is directly effected by anti-epileptics and mood stabilizers. I hope all of this helps. I have not been depressed, manic, or anxious while using these techniques.
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