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Anxiety, Depression, and alot of strange symptoms

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  • Posted By: ohansen
  • June 12, 2009
  • 08:16 PM

I'm hoping to God that someone here can give me some advice on this.

For the past several years I have suffered from recurring bouts of extreme dizziness, tiredness, weakness in my body, and intense anxiety. Sometimes the anxiety is so intense that I gag and throw up. I feel out of it most of the time, like I'm existing in a dream. I have also become suicidal because there doesn't seem to be an answer for this.

I've left jobs and lost opportunities because I was unable to function due to this problem. I've been to doctors and had many tests done including: echocardiogram, Upper G.I., A brain CT scan that was done many years ago, you name it. They all come back fine. What I've been wondering is what physical problems can cause anxiety and depression symptoms. I feel like I know my body quite well, and something isn't right. Currently I see a psychiatrist because they've labelled this as a depression/anxiety disorder. Even though it's always the symptoms that come first, and then I get anxious and depressed about it.

Anyways, I'm sorry if this post is a little long-winded. I'm just hoping someone here has had a similar experience or knows of possibilities for what might be going on.

Thanks for all your help.

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  • All the strange symptoms are normal for a person who suffer from Anxiety and depression. Trust me! I have a masters degree on this topic and not because i studied this condition but because I lived it.. This condition stems obviously from something that is bothering you . You need to search and not blame anyone. Allow those that love you to guide you a little. You need to see an acuipucturist/life coach thats how i have been gettting help..The psychiatrist pill is a mask for issue... Pills don't work i have tried everything and found myself worse. Another truth is that it's all what you think.. What you think and say to yourself everymin.. Your thinking its all in my head and the answer is yes..our thoughts, what we eat and drink..I know you wish you had a remote control to shut it down when the wires in your head are all over the place.. The answer is you need to see an aciputurist , holestict life coach .....Just search and you will see...Have a wonderful day and good luck in your journey...
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  • Have you had a COMPLETE neurological workup, including an MRI of the brain and spine? If not, don't assume it's just anxiety. MANY real physical disorders cause extreme panic...and because they are hard to diagnose, and doctors don't like to admit they can't do it, they say it's all in our heads. Have you looked at MS, Lymes Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? I'd definitely seek out a Neurologist and insist he test you for everything. I'm having this done next month after getting a clue that "anxiety" doesn't cause every symptom people have, but it sure gets blamed for everything when doctors are stumped. (((Hugs))) and good luck.
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  • Dear Ohansen,For several years? Its a torture.I can help. Please email me.When you receive my reply, please also let your parent, love ones and those who care to read it. Hope they can help you to decide.poodlesamy at live dot com
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