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Am I still anorexic?

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  • Posted By: OliviaS
  • June 6, 2008
  • 09:38 PM

Hi! I'm new here, so sorry if I come across as too moany and whiney ect

I was wondering if I was still anorexic. I was a few months ago, well, my school confidential nurse told me I was. But that was back when I was loosing a stone a term. This term however I havn't lost any more weight.
I've found it to be a batlle to maintain the weight I'm on now (5 and a half stone) infact some weeks I've found I have put on a few pounds and manage to get rid of those.
My periods stopped in October and havn't started again, and I don't want them too.
Yes I know I'm severly underweight and yes I know I don't have periods and my hair is starting to fall out but I am eating more than I was. 2 days in a row now I've had breakfast.
I don't want to eat this much but I do. poeple who are anorexic don't eat anything do they? I've never been able to do that. I feel if I do talk to someone about it then I'll be wasting their time because I do eat, OK I don't eat much, but more than I used to and more than I want to. Infact I find myself going up to nearly 1000 calories alot of days (before I stayed under 500 most days of the week) I've bought diet pills to try and fight back. I know this all sounds totally stupid but I feel as though I've lost the control I had before when I was anorexic. I feel so ashamed of myself, I can see that I have gained some fat back. Because I'm eating more now and havn't lot any weight since before easter, am I no-longer anorexic? I'm confused!!! :confused:

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  • Anorexics DO eat hun. It is a common misinterpretation that they don't, and unfortunately, many anorexics don't get the help they deserve because they think they aren't a 'good enough' anorexic or they have no control. Anorexia is classed as a psychological disorder, and you seem to be very deep within the eating disordered mindset. You say you don't have your period and your hair is falling out, and your weight is very low, so you would probably be classed as having the 'medical and DSM' defined illness of anorexia, although many women can still battle anorexia and continue to have their periods and not be a text book case of an anorexic. From what you say, you need to get some help. Regardless of whether you eat 100 calories a day or even 10000 calories a day, your fear of eating is the main problem. Anorexics EAT but they don't particularly want to and feel guilty for doing so. You need to understand that labels such as 'anorexia' and 'bulimia' and 'ednos' do nothing but complicate matters. If you are feeling guilt/shame over your body/eating/life and are using your weight as a means of control, you need some help. It isn't a matter of how thin you are. I am a lot bigger than you, and would be now classed in a healthy weight range for my height, but I still battle an eating disorder, the only difference is that it isn't obvious to those around me. But, I also now know that I deserve the help that someone half my size would get. Just because I don't LOOK sick, doesn't mean I don't suffer the same. And just because you may eat doesn't make you any less important than an anorexic who doesn't eat. If you ever need to talk to someone who understands, please feel free to email me on the.dying.nymphet@gmail.com Take careKylie.
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