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am I normal?

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  • Posted By: nadira
  • January 17, 2009
  • 05:23 AM

I have a few kind-of-funny things to run past you all! It's poorly organized- I'm sorry about that. I originally had bullets but they weren't well organized either, so I just smushed them all into one paragraph.

I fit in fine with my community and society and such, but I study up first: eg. I researched how to make out before I did that for the first time. I use a textbook to go over more complicated interactions. Basic things I learned... I think through conscientious observation, which is a little weird isn't it? I mean most people learn that stuff just as part of going through their lives. I definitely didn't pick up on most social interaction stuff until late elementary school. Actually, sometime at the end of 5th grade. On the last day of school, my teacher hugged all the other girls goodbye... but she didn't hug me. That's the first thing I noticed. That's about the time I started paying attention in school, also. Previously I was constantly daydreaming (the logistics of getting shipwrecked; how much money it would take to buy a horse and build a place to keep it). In middle school my daydreams became more imaginative and I had more normal interactions... calling boys who liked me gross and such. I'm hypersensitive to sounds and smells. smells frequently make me nauseous and semi-loud or sharp or deep sounds are just very uncomfortable. I'm bad at eye-contact. And I scrunch up my face and nod frequently in conversation, but then I realize I didn't actually understand what they were saying like my nod suggested when they keep talking. I remember everything, but I have blackouts where I know I can't remember anything that happened even though I know I was fine at the time. I'm uncoordinated, but this might be because I am left handed and was taught to do everything with the right. I pick at the bumpy parts of my skin when I'm bothered, but it's because at those times I notice they are not uniform. I'm terrible at math. I'm good at math if I have an example in front of me that is even remotely similar to what I'm working on. But given an equation on my own I can't do it. I get confused by the sentence structure and which order the steps go in and such. In 5th grade I spent half my recesses inside trying to learn long division (I still can't do it. but I can use a calculator)... the other half I spent on the swings. In the same vein I have trouble with diagrams and such. I like to use tables, but I can't look at one and understand it. I have to 'read' it and add words in my head. this gets difficult for long charts with many parts.

my main thing is I feel like I should automatically know how to interact in social situations but I don't feel capable until I do research on that specific interaction (if it's new) first.

nevermind, I seem normal to me. maybe it's just an anxiety issue that makes me want to do that. I was thinking maybe some supermild aspberger but that doesn't exist.

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  • Hey Nadira,What is normal? In some countries its normal to eat snails but in others its regarded as a disgust. In some cultures, a kiss on the cheek signifies greetings but in others its a sign of homosexuality-normality is simply a man-made concept designed to keep us in check and benefit society in retaining it from harm (most of the time). So long as your actions benefit your mental status, you are healthy. It seems to me that you are bit cerebral, meaning you think very deeply into things-its funny when you truly dwell into it, we digg deep into the meaning of things when most of the time, in reality, they are only products of human instinct and not deep at all. Life has no meaning, its what you make of it, you shouldn't ask questions like "are you normal" because to me, yes you are, but to others, perhaps you're not, same with me. People who judge based on outwardely appearence and external behaviors are shalow and afraid. To me you are normal :p..but always be different
    ready2roll 1 Replies
    • January 19, 2009
    • 06:39 AM
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  • I definitely agree with ready2roll defining "normal" is all a matter of personal perception and perspective.As for extremely mild autism....Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) is one of the pervasive developmental disorders and autism spectrum disorders. PDD-NOS is a diagnosis for people who are well-described by the "PDD" label, but can't be categorized by any other disorder. It is usually milder than autism and has similar symptoms to autism, with some symptoms present, and others absent. The boundaries between PDD-NOS and non-autistic conditions are not fully resolved.This ones the most mild in the autistic spectrum.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 26, 2009
    • 09:01 PM
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  • When I was a teenager I use to think people went to school, got a job and had a good life. It's a lot more complicated than that. When you get older you get sick at times, you get anxiety at work, everybody does. Things are not perfect and therefore cannot ever have normalicy. Life is crazy with a bunch of crazy people and the only way to get through it is to not let it get to you. Easier said then done but it just takes time to learn. You seem like you have anxiety. Everybody does. Realize that now and take steps to learn how to lessen it and you will be ahead of the rest. take care.
    Paulppaul 25 Replies
    • February 7, 2009
    • 11:40 PM
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  • Hi nadria, of-course you are normal, if everyone was the same then you wouldn't be you & I wouldn't be me.........:D We all can't be the same, (thank God) what an awful world that would be. You just think deeper than some & maybe less than others, thats okay. I personally see the humour in life even in bad times, thats what keeps me going. I always try to look at the positive when others only look at the negative. I do not like being around negative people, & I'm sure negative people don't like being around me.....lol As I said, we are all different, nothing wrong with you at all, have confidence in yourself. Best wishes :) Oooh & regarding math im useless at it but im very artistic, all to do with what side of your brain is used whether you are academic or artistic, everyone has something that they are good at. Also regarding spelling (thank God again, for spell checker) :D Good luck hun.
    Tootsie 628 Replies
    • February 25, 2009
    • 00:47 AM
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  • "my main thing is I feel like I should automatically know how to interact in social situations" It sounds just like me! It's said that all "normal" people have to know naturally how to interact in social situations. Maybe it's true.But you know, everyone is different, so we can't be all the same, it'd be boring, wouldn't it?I was asking myself a question "Am I normal?" for years. I have always seemed so weird to others and I always had to be taught things that seem most normal to the most of my peers and others.It wasn't a good time. But that's all normal to ask yourself "am I normal" if you don't know what's going wrong with you and nothing seems to be really normal.Anyway, you are specific and don't let yourself be "one of all" or, otherwise, one sheep between all. Be different, be you!I have Asperger's and when I found out I have it, I was just happy, saying "I finally am not insane!" but there were a huge stress and bad times I had been going through since I've got a diagnosis.I know I can't simply be cured, but I am happy because I have some good sides which can help me with my difficulties. I am saying I will never be like everyone else, but...do I need to be?Weirdness is the best way to find out who is really your friend and who isn't. This one who bullies you and doesn't accept you the way you are, isn't your friend, so get away from him! You see, this is one of the advantages. What else would you want to?I wish you all the best and, be different, be YOU! ;-)
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