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am i bipolar

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  • Posted By: taytay
  • February 12, 2007
  • 04:23 PM

Hey, Iam 21 years old, I had a baby when i was 19 got married 5 weeks later, I had really bad postpartum depression,ever since then i just dont feel right, i went to a quack dr... he put me on so many meds and changed them so many times and on one of the meds i got really talkative and hyper so he said i was bipolar. i never had any symptoms with bipolar, i have had anxiety since i was 17. my dr. comitted suicied last year and left me with the words that i have bipolar so i went to another quack and he put me on another med so i was on 6 know and then he when on medical leave and i never seen him again. i gave up on those drs. and just went to a family dr. she took me off alot of meds now i am on just effexor and seroquel. but i still dont feel like i used to. i have really bad neck pains and pressure in my head. i have no energy what so ever. I cant get out of this misery please give me some advice!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I too have been down this rocky road - I have a diagnosis of Bi-Polar II after 2.5 years of pushing through the system, and 6 docs later.I am currently taking Lithium and Lamotrigine. Effexor and I never got along well, nor did a bunch of other anti depressants work well.2 weeks after starting the full dose of Lamotrigine, my energy levels came back (Lamotrigine can bring your mood up as well as stabilize mood, while Lithium simply stabilizes mood - thus the Lithium blues).I know you are frustrated, but the right medication CAN help. I was excluded from the bi-polar group for so long because I dont have a history of a true manic episode. Plenty of crippling depression and anxiety - but no maniaWishing you luck!
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • February 15, 2007
    • 05:32 PM
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  • Ok, You cannot be CORRECTLY diagnosed while on medication, but it is very difficult to get doc to agree to take you off and find out. So if you would like a real answer, you would have to come off the meds. (I would suggest telling the people around you. I waited 6 months, and my doc says "well, these dosages seem to be working extremely well for you! We finally found the right ones" I had to break it to her that ALL my friends and family were in on me tappering off my meds, and that I hadn't been on anything in over 6 months.... She was shocked and offended!)I was misdiagnosed for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One med after another, so I would flip now and then, and I was short tempered (not violent), and just spazzy. Well in Jan 2002 (started meds in 1997) I took myself off the drugs, and about 2 months later I was normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean normal, turned out since I didn't have what they treated me for (treatment started out for depression when I was 15 after a traumatic experience) I had an ADVERSE reaction! It made me nuts, literally the meds made me Psycho with Bipolar tendencies.... They labeled me with Schizophrenia, but turns out I have PTSD! ;)I am not suggesting you just come off of meds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It needs to be well planned and with doc approval if possible!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I tried for 3 years and couldn't get them to agree until I was 21 ~which would have been a few more years)
    marriedwithchildren 6 Replies
    • February 17, 2007
    • 00:35 AM
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  • Also, I forgot to mention, Seroquel is what caused the mood swings for me. I was Cymbolta for dpression (baby blues) and it seemed to work the best for me... brought me up and made me so happy I could be in a room with kids and laugh all day!
    marriedwithchildren 6 Replies
    • February 17, 2007
    • 00:37 AM
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  • Thank You So Much For Your Reply It Really Helped Me, I Am Happy That U Found Out What Was Wrong With You. Maybe I Will Get There Someday To
    taytay 4 Replies
    • February 19, 2007
    • 09:12 PM
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  • what symptoms make you think you are bipolar? I have had 3 kids and had postpartum after my first; depression in my 7th month of pregnancy with my 2nd and none with my 3rd! My parents have a history of (undiscovered) slight bouts of depression. I took NO medication. i went to a therapist to TALK. I prayed and asked the Lord to take the misery away. Guess what? In only 2 visits, it was gone. Try praying. The Lord hears all our prayers and He wants you well. He wants you to seek Him and depend on Him like your baby depends on you. Even if you are bipolar, there is NOTHING that our Lord ****s cannot do. He is the Great Physician and if you have all your faith and trust in Him, He will see you out of this crumbled path.I can tell you also that starting to exercise; regular walks, treadmill, etc will defnitely lift your spirits and out of the cloudiness that fills your brain. You will be stronger, healthier and your thinking may be clearer.There is no need for meds.......but pray it away instead. Ask the Lord to give you mental stability to be able to get off of them (before you do). I will be praying for you...... don't give up. just pray! :)
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