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Addicted To Stealing

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  • Posted By: Solidess
  • May 3, 2008
  • 11:17 PM

Ok so im not sure if this is the write place to ask but i seem to have gotten some usefull feed back here berfore so here goes...

I am 100% and absolutely Addicted to stealing i cant stop i steal everyday from every were this includes shops and family. Now i have tried to stop but there are problems. im not certain but i am going to the doctors soon to find out you see i took some mental health test and i seems highly likly that i have bipolar disorder and several personallity disorders. when i steal and i feel deppressed or have a mood swing the deppression goes away for a while and i feel fine again. when i have a high mood or mania and i steal i feel fantastic almost orgasmic... now when i dont steal theres like a voice in my head and he makes me cut myself as punshiment for not stealing maybe the voices is mine i cant tell. i surpose it would be alright if i got caught but unfortunatly im really good at it. i dont get caught and i often want to steal more things more valuble things. it really doesent help when i know how to pick almost every door lock in this country in under 1 minute or the fact the i can diable alarm sensors or the fact that i can break into safes. it really doesent help when my family never pays any attention to me not that i want it. when i dont steal i also get even more deppressed i think about sucide alot and stealing is the only reason i havent slit my wrist yet no one would really know if i was gone anyway.

Just wondering if im ill any feedback would be nice.

P.S. quick feed back would be even nicer. :o

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  • hopefully you will stop stealing - because it will likely result in you getting caught. It is against the law and you will likely be punished.Please stop stealing.Please respect the law and try to understand why any person should not steal.Hopefully you will find a professional to help you find ways to improve your behaviour and the ways that you think of yourself in the world.You can change.
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  • Im aware its agenst the law but i would much rather steal from people then slit my wrists, secondly if i cared about breaking the law i would have stopped by now and killed myself thats the problem i dont feel anything probly due to BPDs so when i break the law i dont exactly get the hole guilt thing. this includes other...
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  • There are more options - you don't have just two options (to either steal or slit wrists).Maybe it's time to start caring about the law.And caring about the consequences if you are caught.And caring about the victims of your thefts.And care about yourself.You are responsible for your own behaviour.Maybe today can be a day for you to start making some changes.Hope so.
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  • Ok so how do i put it its called Kleptomania its an addiction to stealing **** i dont want not a lot of people have, its and obsessive compulsive disorder, thats the problem, i dont want to get caught but i lack the ****ing mental capicty to stop, i dont feel emotions i dont tell between right and rong ver well, i dont care about other people because i simple dont KNOW HOW, if i gave a **** about the law then i would have probly tried a lot hard to stop when i first started but its been 2 ****ing yeas an i am so ****ing addicted its the only reason i get out of bed in the moring, it helps me with the bioplar and it feel ****ING GREAT, WHAT THE **** DO I DO :confused::confused::confused::confused:
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  • When you have a problem with compulsive behaviour or thoughts, then my recommendation is that you realize it could be something beyond your control right now - so it is better to go to a professional for help with the problem.Here's an example (a recent one) - a woman working for the government, was stealing money from the government for her gambling addiction - the result was that she got caught, lost her job, etc - read about Brenda Oates in Regina - do a google search. These are the consequences and I wouldn't be surprised if they send her to jail. Her lawyer is aking for pity.I'm sure she felt really good too when she was occasionally winning at the casino - with someone else's money that she had stolen.If you don't realize the importance of caring for the law - then instead care about yourself - do you want to end up in jail?? Do you want to lose your job? Do you want a criminal record - because you will get caught eventually.Go to a professional for some help - go to a mental health clinic or association for help with this.
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  • i went to the doctors twice its been 3 weeks and he is still tying to get me help from a mental health clinc, so i have been waiting patiently as my adiction gets worse i treid to stop but when i do i hack my arm to shreds with a razor balde agenst my own free will, i do not want to go to jail and i do not want to get caught but i cant stop, it is pysically draining to stop, its the only anti-bipolar **** that i can get since my doctor hasent helped me with that yet eather
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  • Hi solidess, i understand what ur trying to say here & lecturing ya is far from helpfull, there is something wrong and u know u need help.....its good that u have taken steps to find help with this & its good that u are able to come here & get it off ur chest. Hun try to settle down & not get upset or frustrated trying to explain to someone that just does not get the point. If it helps when u are at ur worst & really struggling with this, if u cant get help quickly come back here for some moral support not a lecture about the rights & wrongs of these actions it doesn't help. (well hopefully someone will respond to u quickly but as u know sometimes it can take a while) Is there anyone at all who is older than you, someone that u could trust, that during these times of trying to fight stealing or cutting yourself that would support u, someone that could become ur crisis carer/mentor ? I wish i could give u a quick soloution to this but alas i can't ! One thing u could do is when ur at ur worst, write everything down, keep a dairy of all that u are feeling at that point & hand it to ur doctor, believe me if u do this they will have to act quicker or their arse will be on the line for failing you...... i know someone who done this & believe me it was disturbing reading but it worked......actually if u could put all ur true feelings down, anger, fear, pain, destress, anything at all it might also help to channel u away from harming urself......but u then gotta hand it over to ur doctor its the only way they are going to get the message quickly. Please hang in there, hopefully ull get the help u need sooner rather than later. Kind regards :)
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  • Thank you Tootsie for showing me that there are a few people in the world that understand addiction and the problems it has with it, and thank you Daffodils for showing me that the rest of the people in the world who arent like Tootsie are ignorant **s holes like you:p.But still thank Tootsie
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  • Thank you Tootsie for showing me that there are a few people in the world that understand addiction and the problems it has with it, and thank you Daffodils for showing me that the rest of the people in the world who arent like Tootsie are ignorant **s holes like you:p. But still thank Tootsie namecalling?when you choose to insult other users/members - then you make this an unfriendly forumI will not respond to any further of your posts.
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  • namecalling?when you choose to insult other users/members - then you make this an unfriendly forumI will not respond to any further of your posts.Hi solidess, please excuse this reply for the min i want to explain something to Daffodils. I will come back to you after this. Firstly Daffodils im sure ur intentions where good but each member here has strengths & weakness's, some have insight & wisdom some do not.Some know more about certain illnesses than others. Wisdom is also knowing when to say something & when not to. Im sure u have knowledge of things that i dont & that u will be able to help someone when i cant. But u have to know when u are not being helpful & back out gracefully. I would have been more impressed by u if u had said to solidess that u where sorry u didnt mean to upset or misunderstand him & wish him well. He had the bottle to come here looking for help & support. He has been about this forum for a while now & i have been keeping my eye out for him. I also know (even if u dont believe it solidess) he is a nice lad & there is hope for him with the right help & guidence. I fully understand is outburst, u where not understanding anything he was actually saying. He knows the theory & the basis of the law so he doesnt need anyone lecturing him especially when he is looking help. There are some fantastic members on here, there are also some who are not.....The objective here is to help others not nandy pandy & tiptoe around some who just dont understand, that is not being unfriendly, it just means for the sake of someone in dire need that they get the help & support they need, so sometimes someone has to step in, if u think that is not friendly well quite frankly in this case solidess's well-being was more important. Some people also think they can troll the net for infomation & hit unsuspecting people (who are looking for answers regarding their own health issues) with links to validate there own obsessive issues. Knowledge is power but it takes a very wise person to know how to use it. Some on here do not. So i am sorry to say that all different kinds of people come on here, some help some do not, some are wise some are not. I hope u take this point on board & wish solidess well !.....................................................................................................solidess if ur not a boy im sorry.........:D ?Im going to eat now so i will get back to u in a while.Hope u have had a good day ? :)
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  • Thank youTootsie again . dont worry about the boy thing :) its nice to not feel like im wierd for a while :D
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  • Hi hun, sorry i never got a chance to come back, so this is only quick reply for now. Ya know i have more hope for u than u realise, i will explain why tomorrow. Give urself a brake for now & try and chill. Byeeee 4 now :) hugs
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  • Hi solidess, sorry once again tonites events have delayed me from replying. I promise u without fail that i will reply tomorrow nite, actually, ive just noticed the time (1.15am)so i will reply this evening....... i need my beauty sleep now !......lol:D Anyway, byeeee for now :)....... actually if at any point that u want to talk privately i can give u an email address, then it will be just between u & me ! I promise u that !:) all u have to do is say !
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  • Hi solidess, im a bit concerned for you......you haven't been back to read or reply. How are you ? Whats happening ? hope ur okay hun :)
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  • well my parents are pretty much bulling me with the aid of my sister who by the way is a complete ****h, i dont feel anything other then happy mania or sucidal deppressed so i figure it would be easy just to beat the crap out of my sister until she an the rest of my famliy stop teasing me, my mood swings have gotten worse i have done no cutting cos ive manged to steal enough every day to get by, yesterday evening i felt like killing myself and to day im going to the gym, i hate my life and everyone in it and i really really wish i was dead most of the time, i want to slit my wrists and wright in blood "this is you fault" all over my parents house and then just lie on the floor until i die, im going to probly get caught stealing soon and go to jail, if that doesent happen my family will continue to bulley me until im dead, i havnt got a doctors apointment until friday and so im ****ed for the next 4 days....
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  • Hi solidess, this is very worrying.....U live in the UK right ? You can contact ur doctors & see them on an emergency basis....u need to tell them this now........plz do this today. I know ive asked u this b4, is there anyone that u can go to, friend, aunt or uncle,youth worker...... someone that could help support u ? Have u tryed to keep a diary of ur thoughts & feelings ? Has anything traumatic happened to you that has triggered all this ? if so just say yes or no. I know uve researched bipolar & personality disorders, but have u been medically evaluated for this ? U say u don't care but really reading between the lines & somethings u have said indicates that u do care. Sometimes trumatic events can make u emotionally shut down or lead to emotions that u dont know how to deal with or throw u up & down like this. Hun you really need to be in a place of safety.....contact ur doctor today tell him u need help today ! Im sorry i have to go to work now, plz let me know what is happening. Byeeee 4 now :)
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  • i live in New Zealand im in a good mood know i dont really wan atalk to my doctors I have no one i have a diary Maybe waiting on doctors for evaluationi really wish i did care IM NOT IN A SAFE PLACE
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  • Hi Solidess, Im glad u have had a better day, but i am very concerned for you. I dont know how ur doctors work over there, but there has to be some kind of safety net there for vunerable people like urself. When ur having a better day this is the time u need to work out a game plan & find a place of safety ready for when u need it. I wish i could help u more but all i can do is offer u support & encouragement and maybe help u to unravel & help u understand ur emotions......sometimes it helps to look at things from a different perspective & really to do this u need to bounce thoughts off someone else, someone who u can trust & not judge you. There is hope for u, i know u dont see it at the min, but you are looking help, this is encouraging, half the battle is realising u need help....uve took that first step. Please start by writing all down, u can use this as a distraction when u are at ur worst, u can use it as a tool & it will help u. If u want to talk privately i can give u a contact email add, just let me know.....u need to work at this.....but it can be done with help. For now please try & stay calm, avoid anything that may cause your situation to explode. Best wishes :)
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  • Im Scared, i started stealin during work, i do know what to do , im in such a goood mood and i know that later on tonight my mood will cahnge and ill wana die again i cant take this anymore im so sick of this ****, i got a doctors appointment on friday and im waiting for my referal to a pysch medical center to go through, i havent done any cutting though:) witch is nice for a change the vocie said i dident have to cos i stole enough.... do you know whats wrong with me i know thats an unfair question but im confused:confused::(
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  • Hun i cant tell u that & no doctor would jump straight in with a diagnosis. It could be all kinds of things, could also be triggered by emotional trauma. Whatever the reason u need to tell docs everything so they can truely evaluate you, you dont want to be lable'd with the wrong diagnosis, as in later years it will be very difficult for u to get past. Another thing u could do......only if it was extreem circumstances & a safty issue, you could go to the police & tell them u need help & for ur safety & the safety of others they would be forced to help you, if anything serious happened it would be their arse on the line. As ive said to u before you know u have a serious problem for whatever reason, many people who are mentally ill don't know they are. I'll check back with u this evening. Hope u have a good day hun :) hugs !
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