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  • Posted By: bockifer
  • May 30, 2010
  • 10:28 PM

For around about a year now, although with some symptoms lasting longer than I can remember, I have been feeling... odd.

Here are some things that make me suspect this is probably depression and anxiety:
- I having trouble getting to sleep.
- I feel anxious at stress and I am concerned if something serious has happened.
- I am having real trouble concentrating, which is really affecting my ability to study.
- My memory is deteriorating.
- I am experiencing 'brain fog'.
- I have very low energy levels.

However, there are some other things which concern me which could be more than depression. For instance, I sometimes taste ash on my tongue, like I have just been smoking, even though I could be nowhere near anything burning (I do not smoke, and have never). Sometimes I have this weird concentrated burning sensation on my skin, usually on my arms or chest (and its skin, not heartburn).

I feel general apathy for my friends and family. When I am with them, usually I just want to be left alone, as they are loud, annoying and just... too... something. When I am alone, I feel left out or abandoned. Paradoxical really. I don't despise them or feel contempt towards them- sometimes I don't mind their company- but there is little emotional connection. I have an extremely hard time being intimate with people. If there's a really emotional scene in a movie, I can't bring myself to watch it because... I don't know.

I react (to some extent) in a normal way. If I see something I know to be funny, then I laugh. But, yet again, there is no emotional connection. I don't 'feel good'. Unless it has a strong taste or odor, food means very little to me, yet I constantly feel hungry for no reason. I suspect this is more my diet that psychological though.

Having said that, I often find myself making weird facial expressions or tripping over my words, saying 'weave' instead of 'word'. Once I was trying to look sympathetic, and I caught myself in the mirror and I actually looked like I was grimacing. Unintentionally.

Usually I characterize a good day with how well I am able to react as a normal happy person. This means I able to socialize, laugh, and I feel energetic. But I do not feel happy. I just am happy, if that makes any kind of sense.

So, to sum up that very boring and tedious rant, I am generally confused about the state of my mental health. But not enough to go and actually talk to anyone obviously...

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  • How old are you?you seem to be describing a classic clinical depression. have you gone to see a psychologist? why the heck not?!if you're a teen, a lot of them (includingmyself) went thru something similar. still, you can get help. you hint at troubles with intimacy...but say "I don't know" try being more honest with yourself. what about ***n? does that make you squeemish? or just romantic intimacy? the answer to that question may reveal something to you.again, constant hunger, are you a teen? constant hunger is kind of normal for teens, especially males.are you getting enoug expercise? what are you doing for entertainment? maybe you need to find some healthy hobbies, work out, it's amazing what a good workout will do for your emotional stability.
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