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please help...

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  • Posted By: maiLee
  • December 10, 2006
  • 05:14 PM

hi... im Mai 20years old... i would like to ask... my mom is 40 years old now, and she's suffering prolonged blood loss during menstruation, its almost a week in a half right now but the blood wont stop, this is the first time that it happened to her... im kinda worried about her, we want to visit a doctor but for financial reasons, we cant... Thats why im posting this one just in case somebody knows how to deal with this, please do contact me in this add angelnatsume@yahoo.com ... im really am so worried about her... she's in pain when the blood comes out from her, its because of a jelly like bloods not liquid... and her body shivers, shaking, and she's kinda dizzy sometimes...

Is this one of menopausal symptoms??? or theres something else in her???

please somebody help me...

(i dunno where to put this... does this post fits here??? for me maybe :confused:)

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  • I had the same problem a few years ago and was put on birth control pills. Because money is a concern for you and insurance probably won't pay for birth control pills anyway, I would check with planned parenthood and, I believe, based on your income, you will be charged a fair amount for the pills. Sounds like she really should see a Dr. She might have fibroids or something more serious. They might recommend a hysterectomy.Good luck :)
    nbendmom 2 Replies
    • December 14, 2006
    • 09:42 PM
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  • fibroids??? and that is???i seek help from someone to lend me some money for her to consult a doctor.. and base on the doctor's statement, my mom have to be admitted as soon as possible, and the doctor did told her that she may die without her knowing it... that she has to go on some test, ultrasounds and stuffs, and a blood transplant... but sad thing is, we cant admit her coz of the financial problems as i stated at my post... i have find work first so that i can somehow give her some of her medications... as of this time, she's not taking the doctor's prescription (we didnt buy it)...its so hard for me to see my mom like that... and its so painful as time goes by...
    maiLee 1 Replies
    • December 17, 2006
    • 02:45 PM
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  • I understand about the insurance, now a days all hosiptals will take you no matter if you have insurance or not and you can pay the bill later the best thing to do is get your mom to the ER ASAP you never know, plus the doctor also told you something is wrong too plz dont wait to much longer keep us update wish you luck .
    Blue_Angel 5 Replies
    • December 20, 2006
    • 05:59 PM
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  • I had a hysterecomy in 2003 and I was shocked into menapause. you should get your mother to a hospital asap. they will work with you on payments and even try to get her some insurance. that is their job. Could she be pregnant? Her bleeding is not normal at all. once she is seen by the er they will refer her to a specialist and they have to see her even if she can't pay. ( at least one time) I used to work in the er so I know. I won't give you any diagnosis but, she really needs to be seen. She also might want to take a vitamen with all the blood that she is losing. Good luck. Hope that she gets well soon.
    tammy jo 3 Replies
    • December 29, 2006
    • 00:47 PM
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  • this post may be here TOO LATE...so forgive me for trying... if you're mom is still bleeding & you cant afford the pills...DONT do what i did when i had the EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS & I PUT GOING TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM--ok, i NEARLY BLED TO DEATH because i waited 6 weeks & by then my TOTAL BLOOD LOSS was extreme, i ended up needed an EMERGENCY BLOOD TRANSFUSION for it. i found out through THIS EXPERIENCE, & OTHERS, that the emergency romm has to treat her for it- its the LAW- money is irrelevant! & they WILL arrange for ALL the pills she needs!! ok, dont postpone it thinking you need to get money first for the pills....the REASON you cant wait like that is that the TOTAL BLOOD LOSS ACCUMALATES over time & her body WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HANDLE IT!! even if you tihnk "the blood loss isnt CONSTANT, but starts for while then stops"- it DID THIS WITH ME & IT NEARLY KILLED ME ANYWAY!!! i urge you--tell her to go NOW--she'll get ALL the help to rid the problem!! even the pills!!! they'll bill her later!!
    dudbubbin1 37 Replies
    • January 18, 2007
    • 05:01 AM
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  • what the other posters failed to realize is that they all assumed the person was in the USA when in fact she was outside North America where there are no such provisions for hospitals to take on patients with no current means to pay for services.All too often we act as typical "yanks" expecting all others enjoy the same benefits that we afford to ourselves whether we be in the upper, middle or lower financial "classes. Please begin to "think" and "act" globally. Universal one day needs to be worldwideI just hope and pray some kind Samaritan or angel lit upon their shoulders
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 26, 2008
    • 07:32 PM
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  • Hello Sweetheart, Get mum some Cayenne Pepper - just a few cents or a dollar or two from the store and mix it with a treaspoonful of honey and hot water. Ask her to take this every day once in the morning and once in the early evening. If you can buy a big bag of Epsom Salts - from the drug store or even the gardening store - they are relatively inexpensive - just a few dollars. Get mum into a bath with a good handfull of these twice per week. If you cont have a bath have her soak her feet for at least half an hour in a basin of water with a good handful of the Epsom Salts. Mum needs calcium, but she wont absorb it without the magnesium - in the epsom salts. These will also hep her relax. Next go to the website www.pms-pmtaction.com and download a copy of the book PMT-Reversing the Curse. You can do this for Free. Just follow the link on the site. Good luck sweetheart and if mum can follow the plan in the book she will soon be feeling much better - maybe you can keep her company and follow it too - it will do you both good.XX
    KateKanute 2 Replies
    • November 11, 2010
    • 11:52 AM
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  • I would definitely agree that you take your mom in the ER ASAP, and i mean really ASAP. Its important that she finds treatment first and later on worry with the payments. Im sure you can come up and the hospital as well with an amicable settlement of payment method.
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