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Yeast Infection ***l

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 7, 2007
  • 00:00 AM

I get a yeast infection every month without fail since Aug 06. I'm looking into sugar intake, but I'm getting married in Aug and want this to stop. Any suggestions?

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  • On BC Pills ? How often have you been on antibiotics a lot ? I suggest #4 from Systemic Formulas and the formula F+.Perhaps with these you may go to yeast heaven. Find a good local natural health pro that you can get these from. Dr. Gus
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  • Hi there, yah it is definetely related to how much refined sugar you eat so try to cut back. As well if you go on a lot of antibiotics take acidophilous pills. You can get them at any drug store. And try to eat a lot of yogurt. You can buy over the counter creams like Monistat or if it is really bad ask you Dr. for a prescription cream.
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  • scented tampons and pads can also cause yeast infection as well as dryer sheets.
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  • Garlic. Minced. Mix in a bit to each meal or snack.As the yeast clears up go to a lower daily dose.Also, take unsweetened crandberry juice daily.Mix it with a smoothy or other type of naturally sweetened juice.Good luck.Peace!Kath
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  • One word: Probiotics. I can't stress enough how taking a quality probiotic pill (found in the refrigerated section of good grocery stores) can help. Probiotics are the healthy organisms found in yogurt. You COULD eat yogurt, but there is some point at which you just have to STEP AWAY FROM THE YOGURT... and do the probiotic route. A bottle of 30 can be purchased for about $12. Take one a day. It really couldn't hurt - right? Do let us know if it works for you. It's the only thing that works for me.
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  • DEAR Yeast –Sufferer, you MUST GO ALKALINE !!!I had learned that Candida-yeast is located in the intestines. It travels down to your reproductive organs during the hormonal monthly changes. Yeast feed on sweets and grows in acidic internal condition. Overgrown Candida-yeast is link to many other illnesses...in my case it was hives… I had them for 3 years. Going off the sugar was very difficult. I stumbled on this product that made my drinking water very alkaline and full of good electrolytes. I drink 2 bottles of my alkaline water a day. In 3 days my hives were all gone my cravings for sweets also is gone…please check it for yourself , read on it If you want to contact me I am at skype: sparkles88 ...Avah
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