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Years if sever right side facial pain (Jaw and inside cheek)

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  • Posted By: Hartensia
  • May 2, 2013
  • 02:25 PM

I was told I had Sjogren's syndrome about 10 years ago. I was feeling run down but other wise fine when I was given the news. The only thing I was told about Sjogren's was that I would experience dry eyes and mouth. About 2 or 3 years later I start experiences very painful "jolts" from my jaw to my temple. I hadnt taken very good care of my teeths so I assumed it was a dental issue and went to see a dentist.

The dentist said he could find nothing that would cause the pain I was referring to. Went to my GP, same thing, he could find nothing that would explain the pain, on my own find a Neurologist....same thing, he could find nothing to explain my pain. and on and on it goes. And the fact that the issue is only the right lower jaw area (inside the cheek).

I have been to every kind of doctor I can think of. Anytime I hear on the radio, TV or internet about someone who might be able to help me I go. Sadly, they all end the the same way...No test they run shows anything wrong with me. The pain I am descripting makes no sense for the conditions I am known to have (Sjogren's, high blood pressure). I have been told Im just looking for attention, I just looking to score some drugs, I need to stop drinking ( I don't drink), Its all in my head, oh, and my personal favorite, I love seeking attentions from Doctors and/ or there staff....

The only good things was these conditions come and go. Not anymore; for the last six months or so the conditions has been more on than off. I am no long able to sleep. No matter how tired I am I will fall asleep but after about a hour or two the pain in my jaw is so severe it wake me. The pain then seems to grow (as if something is tighting) untill a sharp burning pain set in. This pain seem to be under my tooth or in the nerve under it. No amount of pain meds (nothing I have found any way) will make it stop. For a little while I would soak in water as warm as I could stand and that would help until the water would cool.....but that no longer helps.

I am at witts end. I want to die. Each morning I wake and take two extra strength aspirin, two Excrein and two Advi, most of the time this does not work but I take them on the off chance it will (and if it does work it only for about 4 or 5 hours). Sleep, as I stated is impossible. I can fall off to sleep but soon as I get to ""REM" sleep the pain in my right jaw kicks in... and thats it for sleep. I do better when Im moving around (instead of lying down). I am unable to sleep setting up in bed or in a chair.

I know I have been all over this place and hard possible to follow, please forgive me, I am in a great deal of pain.
I will take any and all suggestions, remarks....any thing.....ask me any question I know I have let a lot out.
thank again

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  • This sounds like Trigeminal Neuralgia. I'm not sure where you are located but there is a specialist in NYC for this. Sounds like you need to see a different neurologist or possibly a neurosurgeon for this. Here is the link to the doctor I used: http://www.trigeminalneuralgia-ronaldbrismanmd.com/Trigeminal-Neuralgia.html He is very receptive to emails and was easy to get in with. Try emailing him. If you have any way to get to the NYC area it might be worth the trip... but drop him a note and see if he thinks it could be a possibility. During my exam and subsequent discussions he talked about a lot of the symptoms you have. Good luck. Sounds awful. TN has been described as the worst pain on the planet.
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  • Trigeminal Neuralgia.Your Neuro should have known that,but often they are jerks. http://www.hopkinssjogrens.org/disease-information/sjogrens-syndrome/neurologic-complications/
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